4 new methods for spiritual self-improvement

In this blog post, I will be sharing 4 new different methods for spiritual self-improvement. I am calling it spiritual self-improvement because there are many other ways to improve ourselves as well. For example: eating healthy food, getting enough sleep, mindfulness meditation and coaching. I use many of those ways to improve myself, but for the purposes of this blog post, my lens is spiritual. This is not an exhaustive list either, I will suggest more in upcoming blog posts so stay tuned!

Here we go

The first methods for spiritual self-improvement are Visual Meditation. 

As you well may know, there are many different types of meditation, and they are all great. I believe that you can take your meditative practice one step further into the spiritual realm. And this will lead to spiritual self-improvement. By practising a visual meditation that includes: focusing on the chakras, connecting with your spiritual guides and past lives it will automatically lead to a further spiritual understanding of yourself and those around you. 

Visual meditation gives life to your sixth and sometimes seventh sense, the latter is more of a gift, but everyone has a sixth sense. Because of our lifestyle, our sixth sense has become more or less dormant, and we need to bring it back to life intentionally. Visual Meditation does this because the world of spirit often communicates with us through visuals.

You can try out my visual meditation on SoundCloud

Over time, this will improve your intuition, confidence in yourself, and create a greater sense of calm within yourself. 

The second method for spiritual self-improvement is colour and crystal imbibed water. 

Before you go to bed every evening, place a natural glass jug on a piece of coloured paper of your choosing. You choose this colour intuitively after you have practised meditation. Your spiritual self will tell you which colour you need. Inside the jug of water, you place a small quartz crystal. This will, in turn, imbibe the water with the colour that you need, and the crystal will cleanse it. The water can be tap-water, nothing fancy. You leave the colour underneath the glass jug overnight, with the crystal in it. The next day you sip of that water, and this will give you strength throughout the day. The water will stay imbibed for about eight hours.

I do this practice every day. At the moment my colour is orange and I normally change it once a week. You have to check what feels intuitively right for you.

The third method of spiritual self-improvement is doing a crystal sweep of your aura. 

All you need is clear quartz crystal point, and then you sweep your entire aura. Do it slowly, and with the intent of clearing out your aura. We all naturally pick up negative energies from our environment, and this will help you to clear out any negativity. And remember to do your entire aura, not just one part of it.

spiritual self-improvement
Here is a crystal quartz that you can you use to sweep your aura with and spiritual self-improvement

The final and fourth method for spiritual self-improvement is to begin creating a psychic shield around you. 

After you have completed your meditation, you will want to create a psychic shield around you. You can visualise this however you like. I usually place myself inside a translucent bubble, but you have to find what works for you. The shield is not to keep people out but to shield yourself from the negative energies from your environment, and the ethers in general.

Thank you for reading and I hope you found that useful.

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Disclaimer: All of these suggestions are complementary healing methods. If you have serious health issues, go see your GP.

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