4 powerful practices to live a more spiritual life.

Spirituality can be such a confusing space because you have so many options – so how do you live a more spiritual life?

In my view, developing spiritually is an immensely individual quest, and this journey is yours. I do not think you do not have to join any particular association or follow one specific ideology. With practice, your spirituality will emerge from within yourself if you give it time to come forward. 

The paradox here is that when you meditate and step into Spirit, all becomes one and our sense of self dissolves. We are all connected through Spirit. At least, that is what I have experienced. Simultaneously, whilst we are here on earth, as humans, we are individuals with our spiritual journey, and our sensory experience is individual. So we have to reconcile our individuality and our feeling of oneness. I am digressing, and I will share more of my thoughts on this later. 

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In this article, I will provide you with four practices to live a more spiritual life. I want to be upfront and say that these practices are rooted in how I think spirituality works. Conversely, I do not want them to be taken as gospel, more as suggestions, and then you have to decide whether they resonate or not. 

To briefly spell out some of my beliefs: 

  • At the core of everything, there is only energy vibrating at different frequences. We are the vessels of that energy. The earth is the vessel of that energy, and so is the physical universe as we experience it. The cosmic consciousness is an electrical force that moves through all things. By practising meditation, we can draw upon more of that energy. Over time, this will improve the quality of our life.
  • Our human minds interpret that energy in a diverse set of ways, and now you have the world as you see it. Spirit does not judge; we do. 
  • We are ALL spiritual beings on a spiritual journey, moving through a spiritual lesson in our own way. When we understand this, we can hopefully become more kind, compassionate and empathetic. 
  • As spiritual beings, we do reincarnate in the sense that each life is a spiritual lesson. Our life before this does not necessarily dictate this one, and vice versa. There is only a learning queue that is beyond our understanding. We do not necessarily choose our life in the way that we would think we do. 
  • Everyone has spiritual guides who move through life with us to help us complete our spiritual lessons. Most likely, they will be someone from a past life. 
  • Each human beings have an aura and chakra that we can interact with through meditation as a self-healing practice to live a more spiritual life. This is essential to understand. We can improve our life by taking greater responsability for our wellbeing.
  • Crystals are a thing. 
  • Simplicity over complexity. Humans have a wild imagination, and we were made that way purposefully, but that does not mean we have to continue in that way. 

Of course, there is much more, but this gives you the gist. 

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The 4 practices to live a more spiritual life.  

By implementing these practices, I do not expect you to become the next spiritual guru; these practices are for busy professionals trying to balance work, social life, and who want to live a more spiritual life.

We have to realise that we can’t pour from an empty cup, and these practices will help you recharge spiritually. Over time, you will improve your resilience, stay on top over several workstreams simultaneously and not become overwhelmed. And as a result, you will perform better at work, in your relationships and be calmer. 

Each of them has different time commitments, but you need to dedicate some time to your spiritual journey to create lasting, meaningful change and to live an enhanced spiritual life. 

1. Practice meditation 
Practice a form of meditation that guides you to open up to more of the universe’s energy. And by that, I mean working with your chakras, guides, higher self and past lives.

2. Cleanse a balance your chakras
You can quickly cleanse and balance your chakras in meditation. Focus on opening them and then closing them again – this can take as little as 5-minutes. On my Instagram you can find a meditation that does this – it is 15-minutes long.

3. Use crystals 
Get yourself a clear quartz crystal point. Regularly, point the crystal towards each chakra and focus on healing them. 

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4. Journal
One of the keys to change is self-reflection because that leads to increased self-awareness. Enhanced self-awareness will hopefully lead to positive change. Set your intentions and then live them.

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I hope this article has helped you grasp how you can live a more spiritual life.

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