Discover crystals to improve your mental health

In this blog post, I will share how you can use crystals to improve your mental health. 

As you may or may not know, there are numerous types of crystals; lapis lazuli, amethyst, rose quartz, and clear quartz only to mention a few, and they all have different healing and performance enhancement properties. 

Why are crystals useful to improve one’s mental health? 

Crystals are an elemental force of nature, with its unique vibrational energy force, and are apart of what we call vibrational healing. Poor mental health is sometimes (not always) down to an unhealthy aura, chakras that are blocked, or out of balance. 

We can use crystals to realign our aura and rebalance our chakras. The changes that we do to our aura or chakra with a crystal may impact our mind, body and spirit. 

Choosing your crystal to improve your mental health 

If you jump on to google search, and now search for ‘crystals for depression’, you will quickly see many suggested crystals to use for depression. I am going to suggest that you use a different approach to find the crystal that is right for you at this time. 

I want you to trust your intuition, and your inner-guidance to choose the right crystal for your mental health.

Before entering a crystal shop, or browsing online, I want you to set the intention for why you wish to use a crystal. If you practice meditation, this is a good question to bring forth in the meditation. 

Ask yourself: What is it that I want a crystal for? Anxiety? Depression? Anger? 

You may even want to write down on a piece of paper, or in the notes app on your phone ‘I want a crystal to raise me above x y z’, and be specific. 

For example, I want a crystal to raise me above my difficult thoughts. 

Conversely, if you are unsure about the crystal to choose an excellent place to start is clear crystal quartz, known as the great healer of all the crystals. 

crystals mental health
A clear quartz crystal

Programming your crystal 

After you have received your crystal you will want to programme it. If it is a crystal that can be cleansed by running water, you will first want to run it under running water. Not for long, only until you feel it is intuitively cleansed.

Crystals work a bit like computers. You can programme them to serve you in the way that you indent for. Albeit, crystals are not programmed by lines of code, you programme them with the intention of your thought. 

Sit with the crystal in your hand, you clear your mind, and you set the intention for the crystal. Remember, be specific.

First, you will want to see the crystal in your mind’s eye, and then fill it with a positive white light – as much light as possible. Afterwards, you can use the same example as before; I want you to help me raise myself above difficult thoughts. 

Using the crystal to improve your mental health

When you have chosen the crystal that is right for you and you have programmed it for the right purpose. You can use it by sitting with the crystal in your meditation, conducting a sweep of your aura or pointing it towards a particular chakra that needs a bit of extra care.

Keep the crystal in your space, and as often as possible in your auric field. 

You may feel that the crystal helps you to feel calmer, less anxious and that life over all seems a bit brighter. 

As always, any suggestions made are meant to be complementary to an holistic approach to health.

Other ways to improve your mental is through: meditation, physical exercise, connecting with other people in a meaningful way, eating well, sleeping enough, and journaling.

If you have any serious mental health issues, please make sure your contact your GP. 

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