How to increase your confidence using crystals

Crystals have grown in popularity, in this article I will focus on how to increase your confidence using crystals. Because, in a world that is becoming more and more uncertain, I think increasing our confidence in ourselves is essential. To know that whatever happens, we can get through it and that we will endure. 

Did you know that the word confidence comes from the Latin phrase fidere? Which means to trust yourself. I think we all can agree that this can be pretty hard in the first place: considering the impact that outside forces such as friends, family, advertisements has on how we feel and think about ourselves. 

In all of this, how do we increase our confidence, and our ability to trust in our decision making processes? How do we know that we are right in what we are doing.? I know that I have certainly have struggled with this myself. 

Literature tells us of multiple ways to increase your confidence:

  • know your strengths and weaknesses,
  • take small steps outside of your comfort zone,
  • volunteer to make a speech,
  • join a group/class in your community. 
increase your confidence using crystals
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And the list is endless of small things you can do for yourself to improve your confidence over time. One crucial aspect to highlight is that increasing our confidence takes time and effort. Rome was not built in a day. 

Essential to increasing our confidence, we also have to ask ourselves, why do we lack confidence in the first place? Is it because of something someone said? Fear of failure? Worry? Anxiety? Lack of boundaries? All of this will impact our ability to trust ourselves. 

One of the best books I have read on boundaries, called ‘Better Boundaries: Owning and Treasuring Your Life,’ tremendously helped me increase my ability to trust myself. The book highlights the importance of knowing your purpose, values, missions, and ‘boundaries alarm bells’. 

Increase your confidence using crystals

In addition to the list above, you can also programme crystals increase your confidence using crystals. Crystals are elemental forces of nature, and unlike us, they do not have to pay any bills or worry about what other people think about them. As a result, they vibrate at a different frequency to us. With meditation and practice, we can align much closer with that frequency – resulting in us becoming more confident, if that is our intention.  

So then the question becomes: how do you know which crystal is the right one for you? In my experience, the best approach is to choose one intuitively. Before entering a crystal shop, or starting to browse online set your intention for why you want a crystal, and ask your spiritual guides for help. The one that is right for you will stand out amongst the rest. 

increase your confidence using crystals
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To increase your confidence using crystals, I’m personally drawn to Amethysts and Citrines, because of its colour, and to me they ooze with confidence, but for you, it may be different. 

When you have chosen the right crystal for you, you will also want to programme it to increase your confidence using crystals. Simply put, with the power of thought you ‘code’ the crystal with the intention to help you out with boosting your confidence. 

If you are unsure which crystal to choose increase your confidence using crystals, an excellent place to start is always the clear quartz crystals since it is one of the great healers. 

increase your confidence using crystals
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You can also book a Distance Crystal Healing session with me or join the Intuition Development Circle to improve your intuition when choosing your crystal. 

In addition, I offer a Bespoke Crystal Box to help you find the crystals that are the right one for you.

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