My deep spiritual journey, and 1 way to start yours

Over the last year, humankind has transformed at a global scale not seen in a very long time, and many of us wonder why? What is the purpose of this? What is the meaning behind my existence? I’m not going to proclaim that I have the definitive answer for anyone to those questions.

I have noticed that many searches for answers beyond the ‘physical realm’, and into the spiritual one. Go on Instagram, and you will see many different types of Spiritual Insights, and books on the topic are selling like wildfire. In this text, I will share how I connect with Spirit and how it has helped me.

My spiritual journey

My spiritual journey started when I was a young kid, visiting my grandmother, a Clairvoyant Medium, introduced me to meditation. I was about seven or eight years old, my parents had got a divorce, my childhood home had burnt to the ground, my mother was struggling to make ends meet, and I was being bullied at school for being gay – which I am, just at the time I was not ready for that realisation. Kids can be incredibly perceptive.

My grandmother decided that to help me learn from this experience. She would introduce me to spirituality and meditation. I can still remember how my grandmother’s soft voice wrapping itself around my mind like a warm blanket, and how that calmed down the storm that was going on in my mind.

During this period, I was also introduced to my first Spiritual Guide, Shamara. She is not around me anymore; others have come to the forefront now.

I cannot be more grateful to my grandmother because she introduced me to meditation. I believe this enabled me to stay resilient through what was a pretty difficult childhood and adolescence. Through my spiritual journey, I know now that everything I went through back then was a part of my journey, and all the challenges that I’m facing as an adult will be too. That does not mean I don’t feel sad, anxious, worried – I do, at the same time, I know that this is all apart of my spiritual journey.

Spiritual Journey
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Whilst finding my way through my teenage years, chasing boys and drinking had a higher priority than cultivating my heaven within. When I hit 22, I visited my grandmother for Christmas, and I was in a pretty bad state. As caring grandmothers do, she pulled me aside and said ‘Stop whatever you are doing, and find a psychic development group in London’. As the obedient grandson I am, I did, and that is when I met my current Spiritual Teacher Ines Nicholson, who I co-host the podcast Spiritual Link with. Ines has been instrumental for the development of my spiritual journey.

Joining Ines’s group was a life-saver; I turned my life around quickly and again, I cannot be more grateful for her coming into my life. What I am incredibly appreciative for is Ines’s grounded, sensible, no-nonsense approach to spirituality. Many Spiritual Teachers out there are chasing sensationalism, overt mysticism, and aesthetic-spirituality, when, in fact, spiritual development is quite simple.

Spiritual, Intuitive, Psychic Development begins and ends with meditation. To communicate with our spiritual self, spiritual guides, and anything else for that matter, one first has to learn how to calm the mind. Which believe me, is not an easy task. I have been meditating every day since 2013, and I still have days where I struggle with the practice.

The particular brand of meditation that I have been taught, and now also introduce to others is Visual Meditation because that builds a bridge of communication with Spirit. Some are gifted, and the bridge is just there, whilst most people have to build it one brick at the at time. I have had to do that, and I’m still making the bridge. My spiritual journey has no ending.

spiritual journey
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I appreciate Ines’s approach to Spiritual Development because it is quite natural; it comes without frills, gowns, tree-hugging, strict rules, incense, or anything of that sorts. I don’t know how many times she has repeated to me ‘You should be able to connect to Spirit anywhere, at any time, even behind a dumpster’. And that is a foundational building block in my spiritual journey – no needs for temples, or elaborate rituals, just you and your meditative practice.

I appreciate that others may have a different approach; this is ours. And so to respond to the original question for this text: what to do when starting your spiritual journey? Find a teacher, guide, or someone who can show you the ropes. Please spend some time exploring different routes to spirituality, but I would say, be conscious of that there is a lot of nonsense out there in the spiritual space.

Let’s say you started your spiritual journey; I would introduce you to meditation, teach you about the aura, chakras, spiritual guides, past lives and tools that you can use in your daily life to enhance your life quality. My practices come without the need for any elaborate rituals or fear mongering. Your spiritual journey is supposed to help your life today, regardless of what vocation you are in; it does not matter if you are a banker or work in a charity shop. Everyone can benefit from building their own bridge to communicate with Spirit.

spiritual journey
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To improve their intuition, decision-making, calm, resilience, and sense of perspective.

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