What is the Aura? And why should you care?

You may have heard about the Aura already, or you are completely new to the subject. On this page, I will guide you through what the Aura is, and why you should care about it. 

The Aura is the spirit around us, an energy field that surrounds our entire physical body and has seven layers, similar to the chakras

The seven layers of the Aura

Layer one: etheric body (this closest to the ‘physical body’) 

Layer two: emotional body

Layer three: mental body

Layer four: astral body 

Layer five: etheric template body

Layer six: celestial body 

Layer seven: casual body (this furthest away from the ‘physical body’) 

On this diagram, you can see the location of the chakras and aura

What you call these layers or bodies shall we say make absolutely no difference. You can make up your own names if you like. I say this because if you look at different diagrams they will have different names. What matters, is that they exist, and just as with the chakras, they will have a colour, a sound, and will relate to different aspects of the physical body, mind and spirit.

In old paintings, the Aura has been depicted as a glow behind people’s heads, and we can read other people’s Aura. I’m sure that when you have entered a room, you can sometimes tell whether there is a good energy in the room or not. That is you picking up the different auras in the room. I think it’s important to note that as people we have to be careful about this because we also come with layers upon layers of social conditioning. Therefore, we must be sure that what we are picking up is with our intuition, and not with our ‘physical mind’. 

With practice, we can intuitively read what is going on in someone’s physical body, mind and spirit by reading their aura. As mentioned about the Chakras, if we do changes to the aura this can lead to improvements in the physical body, mind and spirit. Changes can be done to the aura with crystal healing and energy healing.

This is the main message about this page is when you are working with me, I might mention that I’m picking up something in your aura, or applying some healing to your aura. I want you to understand that there are energies that are difficult to see with the untrained eye. But that does not mean they do not exist, and that does not mean we cannot do changes to them that will have an impact on the physical mind, body and spirit. 

Disclaimer: I am not suggesting that making changes to the aura will cure cancer, or anything like that. If you have a serious health condition, please go and see your GP. Energy healing, meditation, crystal healing, or anything of that fashion is meant to be complimentary. And more often, the healing will have a positive impact on the mind of the person.