Spiritual Development

Book your programme Spiritual Development programme – video call

  • 60 minutes pr session
  • 1:1 via Zoom 
  • Time for QA 
  • Clients normally sign up for 9-12 session

6 sessions: £318
9 sessions: £450
12 sessions: £564

A unique programme for you.

Everyone is at a different place on their spiritual journey. This programme will be bespoke to where you are now. I will hold a space where your spirituality will unfold itself. Usually the sessions are bi-weekly and last 60 minutes per session.

Integral to Spiritual Development is meditation. By practising meditation, you will open your mind to the power of Spirit. In time, the practice will enable you to enter a place in your mind where you can get messages about your life from Spirit.

You will get access to a series of recorded meditations that you can use to develop your practice at your own time.

You will learn about:

  • Spiritual Guides
  • Past Lives
  • Chakra
  • Aura
  • Intuition
  • Extra Sensory Perception
  • Pendulums
  • Meditation
  • Crystals
  • Tarot Cards
  • and many more topics.

The main benefits of Spiritual Development: 


Calmness is a state that we have to create consciously through practising meditation since calmness does not often seem to come naturally to us, in fact, quite the opposite. I am not trying to say that feelings such as anger, fear, anxiety, confusion are not valid- they are- at the same time, I believe they have to be coupled with daily reflection and perspective-taking. Otherwise, all of us can get stuck in a dark downward spiral. Ourselves included. 

My experience is that when we are authentically calm, we are collaborative, curious, open-minded, better decision-makers and kind. All states of mind that are important to harbour in a time that is so incredibly noisy.


From calmness, I believe confidence follows. Confidence in the belief that we can do what we have set out to do. Confidence in ourselves often seems to be reduced by fear, self-doubt and anxiety. By practising meditation we reduce those states that take away from our ability to be confident about who we are and what we are. When we are more confident, that does not mean that we will never experience fear again, we will. We are humans after all, but we will be more confident in believing that we can overcome any challenge that we are faced with. Meditation will give us the inner strength that we require.

Clear sensing 

After calmness and confidence emerge clear sensing. This is perhaps that least obvious benefit but perhaps the most important one. Most of our sensory experience is made up of the data we receive from our body, which includes the brain and our environment. 

Often, to begin with, there is very little we can do about our environment but we can do a lot with our body and mind. In meditation, we clear out all the internal blockages that exist within ourselves, which should lead to a calmer mind. When our mind is calm, and not riddled with stress and anxiety we become more confident about being able to live our lives as we are meant to. As we are calm and confident, the data that our bodily senses receive from our environment and internally is not contaminated by built-up negativity within ourselves. We will, in turn, experience our life to be more balanced, positive and uplifting.

An internal guidance system

As your intuition improves, and your relationship with yourself becomes more coherent you will find that you are more able to make decision for yourself. Without the need for validation from other people. You know what is right for you.