Create Clarity on your next step

💥 Connect with your intuition

2022 is on the horizon and now it’s time to begin to prepare for how we can make the most of the new year. At the same time, it can be challenging to understand the best next step that connects with our intuition and spiritual self in a world that bombards us with messages about what we should be doing or who we should be.

This course will teach you how to connect with your intuition, look after your spiritual well-being and create clarity for your decisions.

You will leave this course feeling more connected with your intuition, your spiritual self and know the best next step.

Course Live Launch:
The course will launch Live on the 1 December at 6.30 PM UK Time

🔮 1st session: 1 December from 6.30 PM to 7.45 PM UK Time

🔮 2nd session: 8 December from 6.30 PM to 7.45 PM UK Time

🔮 3rd session: 15 December from 6.30 PM to 7.45 PM UK Time

Afterwards, you can buy the course and complete it self-paced.

This course contains three live-recorded 75-min Zoom sessions, plus lots of bonus content!

Each session will include a meditation that connects you with your intuition.

You can do this course self-paced following the extensive resource document and recordings of the live sessions. You do not have to attend live to get the full experience of the course.


👁 Session 01: Start with self
In the first session, we will explore your purpose, values, and boundaries to understand what is it that you want clarity on. To create clarity, we first have to start with raising our self-awareness.

From that place, we can begin to take action.

You will also be introduced to what intuition is and how it can help you when making decisions.

🌈 Session 02: Calm the self
To expand our self-awareness, I firmly believe that we have to begin with a calm mind. Otherwise, it is difficult to create clarity about what it is that we actually want.

I think that the best way to achieve that is through meditation and creating reflective spaces.

At this session, we will also explore what it is that is stopping you from listening to your intuition, the aura and chakras.

🔮 Session 03: Stretch the self
In the last and final session, we will work on setting tangible next steps that feel right to you and that is connected with your intuition.

I will also share some exercises you can do with friends that will stretch your intuition to new places.

Bonus content:
Choose and programme your first Crystal
Making first contact with your Spiritual Guides
Goals and habits

As mentioned above, the first iteration of this course launches on the 1st December at 6.30 PM UK time with three live sessions. Afterwards, you can buy the course and complete it self paced.

Book your space by following the link below.