Wellbeing Coaching

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Wellbeing Coaching – Video call 

  • 75minutes 
  • 1:1 via Zoom 
  • Time for QA 
  • Clients normally sign up for 9-12 session

6 sessions: £318
9 sessions: £450
12 sessions: £564

A unique programme for you.

The wellbeing programme that I offer is uniquely tailored to you. Everyone is at a different place in their wellbeing journey, and this programme is meant to empower you to take charge of your own journey.

Wellbeing encapsulates the physical, emotional or psychological, social, spiritual, intellectual, environmental, mental and economical. All of these areas can be addressed when being coached by me.

The Wellbeing Coaching Programme I that I offer is situated within the framework of The Thinking Environment. 

You can read more about the Thinking Environment on the Time To Think website or by reading Nancy Klein’s late book The Promise That Changes Everything: I Won’t Interrupt You. In particular, explore The Ten Components that creates the conditions for generating independent thinking. 

The ten components are; attention, equality, ease, appreciation, encouragement, feelings, information, difference, incisive questions and place.

Benefits of wellbeing coaching:

  • Clarity for next steps
  • Increased self-awareness
  • Decreased stress
  • More calmness
  • Better decision making
  • Improved habits
  • A feeling of wellbeing in your life
  • Enhanced self-confidence

Important aspects of wellbeing coaching to be aware of: 

  • This is a session for you to think through opportunities for how you can enhance your wellbeing.
  • My role as a coach is to help you think for yourself.
  • My role as a coach is not to do your thinking for you. 
  • The issues and questions you bring to the coaching session are best addressed and explored by you. 
  • The session is successful if your ideas, direction, insights, questions and feelings are all the better than mine would have been having I offered them through advice, directive questions, or reactions. 

Session considerations:

  • I make a promise not to interrupt you. This is your time to think for yourself, as yourself. Since it is often in the silence that best ideas emerge.
  • The key obstacles in your life emerge from the critical blocks in your thinking. These obstacles are nearly always untrue limiting assumptions. When appropriate, we will find and remove those assumptions with Incisive questions. 
  • Anything shared at the sessions will be confidential. 

Dialogue during sessions:

  • I will offer you my insights and perspectives only after you have had sufficient time to come up with your ideas thoroughly, and only if you specifically ask me.  
  • We will confirm the question we are about to consider. 
  • I will still ensure no interruption. 
  • I will be as brief as possible; this is, after all, your thinking time. 

If it is suitable, we may also introduce other tools.