I’m Tor Njamo, an Intuitive, Psychic Tarot Reader and Healer. 

I offer 1:1 Psychic Tarot Readings, 1:1 Healing, Energy Space Clearings, Spiritual Workshops and Psychic Development Circles. In other words, I help people harness the power of their intuition, inner-wisdom, meditation, crystals, and Spirit to make better decisions, heal, expand their consciousness, create calm and improve their spiritual wellbeing. All without the ‘woo-woo’. 

Spirit was first introduced to me by my grandmother, who is a clairvoyant medium. Since 2013, I have sat in a Psychic Development Circle run By Ines Nicholson. Ines and I now run Spiritual Link together. To learn more about my story, jump over to about me.

I offer sessions via Zoom, and I do home visits in South London and Central London.

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Spiritual Coaching, Crystal Healing, Tarot Reading

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Meet Tor Njamo

My journey with Spirituality, Crystal Healing, Tarot Reading and Meditation already started when I was a child. I was first introduced to these practices by my grandmother who is a Clairvoyant Medium, and since 2013 I have sat in a psychic development ran by my spiritual teacher Ines Nicholson. Who taught me everything I know about crystal healing, tarot reading and meditation. 

You can read more on the about me page.


The guidance and insights that I have gained from my spiritual development sessions with Tor have been incredibly valuable. For my own growth, and also for my mental and physical wellbeing. Tor guides without judgment, he creates a safe space for the client to explore and learn. At every step of my journey working with Tor I have felt his sincere professionalism and his integrity in all the work that he does. Thank you, Tor!
Esme Rose
Meditating with Tor has had an instrumental impact on how I manage work stress. The practice of meditation enables me to stay centred and has ultimately helped me to function better as a leader in my business. I can keep balanced and enjoy my day no matter what is thrown at me. I can highly recommend Tor to anyone who is looking to stay balanced and manage the day to day stresses of life.
Tony Wood
Tor was fantastic at providing opening and ending questions within each session, prompting me with targeted open ended questions should I lose my flow. By the final session I was managing to discuss, evaluate and justify my own thought processes out loud with minimal input from Tor, able to set myself targets to help me keep important ideas or wants in the forefront of my mind, and more regularly reflecting on these things independently.
Haydn Chapman
Tor has a wonderful way, through his meditation practice, to guide you to a place of inner wisdom, peace and space. Enabling you to have a more relaxed state of mind and wellbeing. Tor is highly self-aware and emotionally intelligent and brings this grounded way of being into his meditation and mentoring practices. Highly recommended
Claire Koryczan

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How does a 1:1 tarot reading work?

A tarot reading with me is more like a coaching session with a spiritual edge. The tarot can bring forward messages about what is going on around you right now, all of the challenges and opportunities. 

The tarot may indicate what is coming up in your life; at the same time, nothing is set in stone, and you have free will. 

You can book your session by heading over to the book me page.

I offer these sessions via Zoom, and in-person at Oru Spare or home visits in South/Central London. 

tarot reading
spiritual coaching

How is my Guided 1:1 Meditation + Energy Healing different?

The 1:1 Guided Meditation sessions are an opportunity for you to connect with your spiritual self.

Most contemporary incarnations of meditation focus on our physical existence. I think that meditation can be so much more.

I believe that most of the answers that we need for our life come from within. I can help you surface those answers with questions, active listening and guide you through a meditation that connects you with your innermost spiritual self. Within yourself, you can find the answers to all of the questions that you have.

You can book your session by heading over to the book me page.

I offer these sessions via Zoom.

What is Energy Space Clearings?

Exactly like ourselves, the spaces that we live in can store negative energies and that can have a detrimental impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing without even realising that is happening. Therefore, on a regular basis, we should energetically cleanse our space. To make sure that there is nothing in our environment that is working against us. I conduct the Energy Space Clearings with meditation and crystals. 

You can book your free 30-minute discovery session by heading over to the book me page.

I offer these sessions in London.

Energy Space Clearing
crystal healing

What is Crystal Healing?

In a Crystal Healing session with me, I work with your Aura and Chakra energies – these are your etheric energies. Crystals are energy conductors, enhancers and can be used to heal imbalances within your etheric energies. Between your etheric energies, physical body and mind, there is a feedback loop. And therefore, any healing I apply to your etheric energies will influence your body and mind.

There are many different types of crystals; my spiritual guides and intuition will help me choose what is suitable for you. 

You can book your session my emailing me. 

I offer these sessions in-person at Oru Space or home visits in South/Central London