Live classes

I hold regular live online meditation and breathwork classes on Zoom and below you can find the schedule. 


“A very powerful meditation class. Took me to a deep healing space, I was not expecting to experience through a guided meditation. Tor has a very special and powerful energy and is an amazing space holder. I highly recommend to any seeker as it might just be the tuning point you need in your journey.”

Maya Bhyer

Spiritual Healing Journey: Meditation Class

At the session, Tor will guide you through an energy healing visual meditation which will cleanse, balance and ground your aura and chakras and, as a result, connect you more deeply with your intuition, spirit guide and the power of Spirit.

Breath of Life: Breathwork class

At the session, Tor will guide you through a series of breathing practices to soothe and calm your body, mind and spirit. Towards the end of the session, he will lead you through a short energy-healing flow to channel the healing power of the cosmos to balance and cleanse your spiritual energies.