Hello! I’m Tor Njamo: a Psychic Tarot Reader and Healer.

It is a pleasure to e-meet you and that you have found your way onto my site. I can only imagine that you have been guided to this space because you are curious about spirituality, psychic development and healing. 

My spiritual and psychic awareness journey began already when I was a child. Every summer, I visited my grandmother, who is a clairvoyant medium. She was the first person to introduce me to crystals, spiritual guides, tarot cards, and meditation. 

I had a chaotic upbringing with a lot of instability. My grandmother taught me a meditation that opened my mind to the Spiritual Realm, and I believe that she gave me access to a power source that helped me grow and persevere through some complex challenges. 

Meditation is the beginning and end of all spiritual and psychic exploration. 

Since 2013, I have sat in a Psychic Development Circle run by Ines Nicholson, my Spiritual Teacher. Together we co-host Spiritual Link: The Podcast. 

I work with 1:1 clients, groups and corporates.

Tor Njamo
Tor Njamo Psychic Tarot Reader Meditation Healing

In this lifetime, I have gotten to occupy a space where I guide people towards greater spiritual and psychic awareness and facilitate healing. I could not be more grateful. 

Moving forward, I believe the world needs more spiritual and psychic awareness, not less. As Spiritual Practitioners, we have a duty to help, guide, and facilitate knowledge about the Spiritual Realm, in a simple, accessible and straightforward way. 

Anyone who spends any time on Instagram or YouTube will know very well how complex the spiritual space can come across. I do not think that is necessary, leading to more exclusion. 

I hope that all the teaching I share is understood by the many and can be easily adopted as ways to raise their spiritual wellbeing. 

That is my mission.

To democratise access to the Spiritual Realm and its healing force via meditation and readings that invite people to open their mind to the world of Spirit.