Hello, I'm Tor Njamo, a Speaker for Spirit and Healer.

I have been very lucky. My journey to become a Speaker for Spirit and Healer began at the age of five with my grandmother, a brilliant clairvoyant medium. 

She was the first to introduce me to meditation, crystals, spirit guides and Tarot cards. Before she passed away, she “taught” me everything she knew. As you will read further down, it is less about “teaching” per se, and more about holding space for the spiritual channels to open. 

My next great teacher was my childhood and adolescence. I grew up in a very chaotic environment: my parents divorced when I was seven, my childhood home burnt down at eight, I was bullied for many years, my mother always struggled to make ends meet and much more. 

These experiences has led me to have many traumatic wounds. Still, instead of seeing them as “terrible experiences that happened to me”, I see them as teachers to help me connect more profoundly with the human experience and others. I encounter many people who have a victim mindset as a result of trauma, and it is understandable, even so, the only one who looses out is “the victim”. 

My childhood and upbringing has inspired me to become someone who can now help others make the most of their earthly experience. 

Since 2013, I have worked with another brilliant spiritual teacher in London, Ines Nicholson. Luckily, her approach was very similar to my grandmother so it was an easy transition. 

In many ways, neither would see themselves as teachers per se—more as guides and mentors who helped open my channels to Spirit. 

Spirituality, psychic readings, and healing can’t really be “taught”. You must experience it through the senses to grow your confidence and abilities. In other words, you cannot read about it in a book; you must meditate, interact with clients and reflect on what you learn. 

As a result, my approach to spirituality is grounded, straightforward and to the point which is often the focus of my work—helping others to become more connected with their intuition, grounded and calm in our chaotic world. 

I prefer not to call what I do mystical or anything of that sort because Spirit, Intuition, Spirit Guides, Meditation, and Out of Body Experiences are all natural occurrences in the earthly realm, and by calling them mystical, there is a danger that we make it less accessible. Through certain lifestyle choices everyone can bring more spirituality into their life for their benefit.

I work with clients such as:

  • Glasshouse Salon
  • NHS
  • Barnet Council
  • Bumble
  • Birch Community
  • Montcalm East
  • The Mandrake Hotel
  • Mortimer House
  • The House of St Barnabas
  • The Other House
  • Mason and Fifth
  • The Ministry
  • The Groucho Club
  • PTHR
  • Re:Mind Studio