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Psychic Tarot Reading: Your Journey Starts Here

In a Psychic Tarot Reading with me, I use the tarot as an instrument to explore exactly what are the opportunities and challenges in your life right now and potential future events.

Psychic Tarot Reading

You may seek advice related to a new relationship, old relationships, money, life purpose, love life, professional life, career or other life questions. Here, we are using the vessel of a psychic reading to help you gain guidance for the right direction for you.

Often, the people who come to see me for a tarot card reading are at a crossroads in their lives and unsure about the best next step for one’s life is. Many come to me for love readings which is a very sensitive and vulnerable subject. I want to ensure that when you come to see me, you feel safe, secure and that this is a place where you will meet no judgement.

Everyone goes through difficult periods sometimes.

The purpose of Psychic Reading is to gain clarity, confidence and purpose behind the decisions you want to make. You should leave the session feeling empowered, resilient and open towards the opportunities that exist around you.

Any thoughts, ideas, advice, and guidance that I share with you at the session are only recommendations because you have free will and have to decide for yourself what you will do with the information.

Tarot Reading

Session breakdown

  • 30 minutes 
  • 1:1 Via Zoom or in-person (To book in-person email me) 
  • Time for Q&A
  • The session can be recorded on request


Clearing up some misconceptions about Psychic Readings

In contrast to many other psychic readers, I use the deck as a springboard for my psychic mind to connect with your aura and spiritual guides. In many ways, you could call what I do an aura reading. As everything about us lives within our auric field, our past, present and future, which I connect with when you come to me for a psychic reading.

You will see that expert psychics use different tarot spreads to conduct their psychic readings. I don’t personally use typical spreads such as the Celtic cross etc. As mentioned, I use the cards as a focal point to channel my psychic mind. Most tarot readers will help their clients reveal the truth that already exists within them. All of their clients will attest to that.

Many believe that a reading is only for fortune telling. That could not be farther away from the truth. You can use a psychic reading to explore what is coming up in the future; at the same time, it can also highlight areas of yourself that you need to work on to improve your spiritual well-being. I think that a reading should be dubbed Spiritual Readings as is should be all-encompassing and touch on your entire life.

Talking to Spirit, reading someone’s aura or practising meditation is never anything dark, and it is very natural and something everyone can do with practice. Anyone who proclaims that they can cast curses or spells are charlatans.

In spirit, distance does not exist, therefore, an online tarot reading works very well. I can very easily connect with your aura, even if you are on the other side of the planet. Online psychics can therefore deliver the session virtually just as well.

Benefits of a Psychic Reading

  • Improve clarity
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Gain advice
  • Review opportunities and challenges
  • Create plans for the future
  • Enhance life purpose

Psychic Reading Agreement

  • Anything that comes up in the session is strictly confidential.
  • The space that we create together is a non-judgemental space.
  • The future is not set in stone, so any “future predictions” are only recommendations, and you decide what to do with them.
  • A tarot reading is not a substitute for professional therapy, legal, medical and financial advice.
  • You must be 18 years or older to order a tarot reading.
  • I have a satisfaction guarantee policy; unless you are happy with the reading you will get your money back. Spirit does not always come forward with messages because it is not the right time. I will then give you all of your money back.
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What you can expect from a Psychic Reading with me

I want a reading with me, Tor Njamo, to be a safe,  confidential, non-judgemental space where you can grow and be yourself. First-timers may find this an unusual experience. If you feel uncomfortable at a session with me, please let me know to rectify it immediately.

I deliver the psychic readings on live video via Zoom or in-person in London. I do not offer this service via phone calls or online chat since I prefer seeing the person via live video. You will see that some people offer chat readings, I do not do that.

Live Online tarot readings work very well and I have been successfully delivering them via Zoom.

I want to acknowledge that no qualification or governing board has oversight over people who claims to be a psychic reader or people offering tarot readings. Therefore, when you choose to see a psychic make sure that they come via a recommendation or are carefully screened. I still work closely with my spiritual teacher to go over the wide range of experiences with my clients. To ensure that my quality remains excellent over time.

I do this because I think tarot card readers have a great responsibility to remain ethical in how they conduct themselves.

Tor Njamo Event Psychic Reading
three tarot card psychic reading

Understanding if Tarot Card Readings are for you

Tarot readings have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and this is excellent. Because I think tarot cards can be a beneficial instrument to connect with an energy that is usually unavailable to us. At the same time, you must work with someone who has relevant experience in the field. As some people only use tarot readings for entertainment purposes.

You may also find that a tarot card reading is not the form of divination that you resonate with the most. In that case, there are many other very good forms of divination out there. For example, palm reading, tea leaf reading, dowsing, coffee reading, sand reading and much more. I’d recommend that you spend some time investigating what will work the best for you and look at other psychic websites.

I think that tarot card readings can be an immensely powerful gateway to reach a more profound understanding of ourselves and our relationships.

I believe that our psychism is a natural facility within our minds. Many will dub it mystical, esoteric, on edge, occult, scary, whilst in fact, everyone has these abilities. There is nothing dark about intuition, healing, psychism, talking to Spirit or connecting with our Spiritual Guides. Through meditation, we can all do it. Of course, there will be individuals that are better than others, and they go on to become psychics.

Similarly, some people become painters or plumbers, and we can all do it with training and practice. Very often, it comes down to our inclination and path of life this time around.

I think we must establish this understanding as the industry is growing and becoming more popular. Together, we can choose moving forward how this area is perceived.

My journey of Becoming a Psychic Tarot Reader

My journey with The Tarot already began when I was a child. My grandmother is a clairvoyant medium, and she was the first one who introduced me to the tarot.

Growing up around her there was always tarot cards around, she often gave me tarot card readings, as well as crystal healing and showed me other “spiritual objects”.

I cannot be more grateful to her, as she is the one who first showed me meditation and opened the door in my mind to Spirit. She was fundamental to providing me with the inner strength to persevere through some tough challenges at a young age.

I can still remember her soft voice wrapping itself around my mind to calm down the storm that was going on within my mind.

Then, In 2013, after going through another difficult period, I met Ines Nicholson, my Spiritual Teacher, and since then, I have sat in her Psychic Development Circle.

Because of my cultural upbringing, Tarot Cards are my preferred option for doing readings. When you see other keen psychics they may use palm readings, runes or another form that suits their culture.

Where do our psychic abilities come from?

You may wonder, where do our psychism sit within the mind. That is an excellent question. I believe that our abilities to read others aura are rooted in our intuition, an etheric psychic force that everyone can access with practice. In a similar way that you can improve your critical thinking, reflective abilities and creativity. All that sits within the mind and can be enhanced.

I connect with my psychic source primarily through meditation.

Start your journey to improve your psychic abilities

There are a few different ways to improve your intuitive abilities. The first and foremost practice that you must include in your life is meditation. Because we first have to learn to calm our physical mind to strengthen our psychic mind, and we achieve that through meditation.

The second way to improve your foresight abilities is to join a Psychic Development Circle where you are put through a range of psychic exercises.

Finally, you must also raise your self-awareness. Our mind can be a deceptive, fragile instrument; therefore, we need to get a broad understanding of what it is that influences us.

What is it that made us who we are? Following that, we can understand what we can let go of and what we need to bring in. These are questions and areas for reflection that are important when tapping into our intuition and life in general. To improve the quality of our life.

To start working with the Tarot Deck, you first have to buy tarot cards. You do not need to be gifted one. Look around to see what you resonate with. Then, every day, you pick up a tarot card after you have meditated and see what feelings, thoughts, and sensations come towards you. Reflect on how the energy of that card shows up in your day. Over time, you will understand the meaning of the cards, and then you can eventually start delivering readings for other people.

You can become a tarot card reader or a psychic reader too.

Any healing, recommendations, advice or guidance delivered via this service should never replace therapy or professional medical help.

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  • How accurate are Psychic Readings?
    How accurate psychic readings are is difficult to ascertain; the future is constantly changing. Human beings have free will; our path can vary because of other people’s decisions. We are all connected. At the same time, psychic readings can identify opportunities and challenges that sit within the near future.
  • What is a Psychic Tarot Reading?
    Psychic reading, in a nutshell, is a potential prediction of what may be coming up in the future. However, a reading will not only include that, and the reading can also bring forward messages about Past Lives and tips on how to live a better life.
  • Do online Psychic Tarot Reading work?
    Yes, online psychic readings work very well. I have completed countless readings online, and they are as successful as in person.
  • Is a Psychic Tarot Reading the same as astrology readings?
    Similarly to above, astrology is another form of divination, albeit marginally different because it has to do with the location of the planets, the day and time you were born. In so many ways, astrology is more similar to numerology.
  • Can a Psychic Tarot Reading tell me my future?
    Yes, and no. Our future is not set in stone; at the same time, we can get glimpses of what may be coming up in the near future. We are not meant to know most of the time because we are supposed to figure things out ourselves. Conversely, we can be given guidance and support on what is the best next step.
  • What Tarot Deck do you use?
    I use the Nefertiti Deck because I inherited that from my clairvoyant grandmother. Not because that is the best deck, but because it has sentimental value to me, and I have become very close to that particular deck.
  • How often should I have a reading?
    Once or twice a year is more than sufficient. However, if you are in a moment of real questioning, you can sign up for another session.
  • How should I prepare for the reading?
    Make sure that you are clear about what you are looking for, and you will want to be in a good state of mind. Psychic readings can bring up difficult areas.
  • What if the reading brings up anything ‘bad’?
    Any good tarot reader will be able to guide you on how to approach any situations that may come across as challenging.