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Spiritual Healing: Your Journey Starts Here

Spiritual Healing is when we open ourselves up to more of the Healing Power of the Cosmos to aid us in the healing process of our Aura, Chakras and Inner Spirit.

You have found your way here because you feel energetically blocked, unable to move forward with your life, spiritually curious and want to explore a spiritual route to healing. 

Spiritual Healing

When we spiritually heal our etheric energies, the Aura, Chakras and Inner Spirit, it will positively impact our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. There is an unseen thread that weaves all of those areas together. If one of them, in this instance, the etheric energies is not functioning the way it should, that can negatively impact the rest. 

My fellow spiritual healers and I aim to heal, balance and cleanse your etheric energies in a Spiritual Healing session.

Further down, you can read more about the Aura, Chakras and Inner Spirit. 

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Spiritual Healing Tor Njamo

Spiritual Healing Session breakdown

  • 60 minutes 
  • 1:1 Via Zoom or in-person (To book in-person email me) 
  • Time for Q&A
  • The session can be recorded on request

1 session: £75
5 sessions: £300 (Email to book this)

What happens at a Spiritual Healing Session?

At a Spiritual Healing session with me, Spirit will come forward to help guide the healing to where it is needed. Spirit will come through in the words we use, the energy we generate and exchange, etc.

For the first 15-minutes, we will talk through what is going on for you; I will then guide you through a meditation that will open you up to the Healing Power of The Cosmos and, following on from that if needed, direct healing towards the areas that need it more. 

This can, for example, be a particular chakra, body part or mental state. 

Most healers will not tell you this, but you are the essential person in the session. Most healers claim they are the giver of healer. For the most part, I am only there to facilitate the healing to occur. You have all the capabilities within yourself to heal, in a spiritual way, all that is wrong with you. 

With me there, we can perhaps generate more healing energy than what you could do by yourself as we are both conductors of energy; still, in the end, you are doing most of the healing yourself. 

I will not be moving my hands in specific ways or anything of that sort because, most importantly, healing begins with the calming and soothing of your mind. I do not engage in what many calls faith healing, healing prayer or other religious practices. I do not use herbal remedies either. I employ the healing power of the cosmos. 

When we calm your mind together, Spirit can come closer and open you up to the healing. 

Benefits of Spiritual Healing

The benefits of Spiritual Healing are many. 

  • Balanced Chakras
  • Cleansed Aura
  • Connected Inner Spirit
  • Calm
  • Peace
  • Wellbeing from within
  • Resilience
  • Positive feelings
  • Reduce pain symptom
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Reduce chronic illness
  • Decrease pain
  • Improve mental health
  • Spiritual Care
  • A positive relaxation response

Please remember that complementary and alternative medicine should never replace professional medical advice or medical treatment. If you are in urgent care, please contact your health care providers. These types of therapies are only meant to complement. 

All of that said, clinical trials and randomized trials, with a systematic review of randomized scientific evidence of a holistic approach to healing, have shown positive results.


Spiritual Healing Methods used

Visual Meditation
The primary spiritual approach to healing is meditation. The first step towards accessing the Healing Power of The Cosmos is concentration and calming the physical mind. Without doing that first, and our mind remains frantic, it is hard to let the healing power flow through us. 

I use a visual meditation because the visuals will give understandable forms to the power of Spirit, although those are, of course, not their actual forms, only what we need to see to make sense of it all. 

The Spiritual Realm is only a flowing ocean shapeless colour and sound, albeit, for us to be able to use it, it is helpful to give them shapes and forms. We can achieve that through the practice of Visual Meditation. 

When we practice meditation, we create a space within us where the spiritual and physical can meet to communicate.

Furthermore, meditation helps to align the vibrations of the two different realms. Spirit vibrate at a particular frequency, as do we. Meditation helps to bring them closer to each other. 

In the end, meditation promotes healing. 

Medical doctors, in their clinical practice, following convincing clinical evidence, have begun to prescribe mindfulness meditation to their patients as a part of their health care plan, use it in their medical practice and public health have begun to recognise its positive results too.

Tor Njamo Spiritual Healing
Njamo Spiritual Healing

Colour / Energy Healing
As I said above, Spirit is only a flowing ocean of shapeless colour and sound in its most basic form. This is why I use colour when I direct healing towards the area that needs it. 

I will primarily focus on red and blue. 

Red ignites, whilst blue calms and soothes – I will use them both to balance the healing out. 

During this part of the session, if in person, I will move my hands over certain parts of your body to diagnose and direct. I will primarily work with your chakras, but I will also work with body parts and mental states. I will either add more energy or clear out blockages. This may reduce chronic pain and improve mental health by calming the mind. 

I can deliver the healing as distant healing; in Spirit, time and space do not exist in the same way. This type of healing can also be called psychic healing or energy medicine; again, it is only words for something we cannot really describe. 

You could say this sits with energy therapies. 

Crystal Healing
Crystal healing is another spiritual approach to healing. Depending on the client’s spiritual needs that I am working with, I will use crystals. Crystals are elemental forces of nature that work like conductors of energy. They will allow us to channel more of the Healing Power of The Cosmos to enhance healing in a healing session. 

If in-person, I will create a simple crystal grid around the person and most likely use male crystal quartz to direct energy to exactly where it is needed. 

Spiritual Guidance
Albeit the meditation and direction of healing is most important in a Spiritual Healing session, offering spiritual guidance and messages from Spirit is also vital.

I will allow the messages of Spirit to come through me to see what comes. 

The guides will give us the messages that you need to hear at this moment in time. 

Any statements that come through are only recommendations and should be taken that way. Alternative and complementary medicine such as these should never replace medical advice, and you also have free will. 

What is been mentioned above is not therapy, yet, these methods work therapeutically and can be counted as complementary therapies.

Essential Spiritual Knowledge

I believe that informing people about how all of this works is vital to help you understand what is going on in a session. I would never want you to only take my word for it.

Therefore, I have listed and described some essential spiritual knowledge to help you comprehend a few different pieces below. 

The Aura
Most people will have heard about the Aura; even atheists use it colloquially. The Aura is the colourful electrical force that gives our human body life. Everything about us exists within the aura: the past, present and future.

When you come to see me for a Spiritual Healing session, I will diagnose your aura to understand what is going on for you. If I identify disturbances within your Aura, I will make sure to direct extra healing energies towards that part of your Aura.

You will also achieve this in your meditation.

All human beings have seven main chakras and many minor chakras. The Chakras are energy centres within our aura that regulate our human existence. The Energy of The Cosmos flows through the chakras to create the intricacies of our physical body, thoughts, emotions, and everything about us. 

The Seven Main Chakras are: 

  • Red, Base Chakrum
  • Orange, Stomach Chakrum
  • Yellow, Spleen Chakrum
  • Green, Heath Chakrum
  • Blue, Throat and Upper Chest Chakrum
  • Indigo, Brow Chakrum
  • Violet, Crown Chakrum 

Simply by living our life, our chakras can become overworked, underworked, out of balance, blocked, etc. That can negatively affect our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being if that happens. An unseen thread weaves together all those areas, and if our chakras are not working correctly, that can negatively impact the rest. 

You could say that the chakras are the foundation of our existence, and the rest stands on the foundation, which is our chakras, so you can imagine what happens if the foundation cracks. Not good. 

Therefore, when you come to me for a Spiritual Healing Session, I will investigate your Chakras and direct healing towards those who need it the most. 

Because of the importance of our Chakras, I nearly always include them in the guided meditation because through the power of our concentrated effort, we can clear them out. 

Inner Spirit
Another significant etheric energy is our Inner Spirit. I use the word Inner Spirit; you may have heard of it as the soul, higher self or another term. I prefer Inner Spirit or Spirit within because it is a more accurate description of what it is.

Similarly to our Spiritual Guides, the Inner Spirit is physical, although it does not have a physical substance that we can touch per se. 

We can connect it with our mind, and it does speak to us, wanting to help us, although we do not always listen because we have free will. 

Our connection with our Inner Spirit can be poor because of the state of our Chakras, and it can also be strong because it is what helps us get through some of the toughest challenges in life without even knowing. The thought in the back of our mind tells us to keep going when we want to give up. To help us complete our path of life. 

As I mentioned above, if there are too many disturbances in our Chakras and Aura, that can negatively impact how much of the communication from our Inner Spirit can get through to our physical mind. In the end, that will also interfere with how good our intuition works. 

In a Spiritual Healing Session, I will not directly work with your Inner Spirit; it is much more indirectly, by working with your Aura and Chakras. Yet, the meditation will help your Inner Spirit to blossom. 

Spiritual Guides 
Spiritual Guides are spiritual forces who become assigned to us to guide us through our path of life.Every human being on this earth has a spiritual lesson to complete whilst here in this earthly realm.

Exactly like teachers on a university course, they are not omnipotent nor omnipresent. Still, they will have moved through a similar lesson before and can help you complete it in the best possible way. The guides will be aware of the next few steps ahead of you, but not too far into the future.

Spiritual Guides are, in many ways, physical like us. Only they do not have a physical body like ourselves. You could say they are at a plane in-between the earthly and spiritual realm. 

They operate in other spiritual dimensions. 

As we are learning, so are our guides.

We vibrate at a specific frequency, and so do they. When we practice and enter into meditation, our vibrations become more aligned, and there are moments where we can communicate with them. The communication is often much more subtle than a straightforward conversation like you would have with a physical being. Although, sometimes, the contact can also be straightforward.

In a Spiritual Healing session, the guides will come forward to help the healing progress in the way it should. 

Past Life Regression
Past Life Regression is when you intentionally initiate a journey to a past life via guided meditation. Exploring past lives can have many benefits, such as healing memories from another time that still lingers within the mind in this life, drawing upon the strength from a previous life, and gaining a more comprehensive understanding of why we are here on earth at this moment in time. 

In a Spiritual Healing session with me, a past life may or may not come forward, depending on what is needed. If a past life comes forward, we will spend time talking it through to see how it relates to your life now. That in on itself is healing. 

Most of you will have come across The Law of Karma before reading this text. In Buddhism, they believe that if you behave well in this life, that will positively impact your next life. In many ways, it is their ethical framework. It is not necessarily a moral framework in Hinduism, but it does not seem too dissimilar from the Buddhist version. 

Karma loosely translates to action. From what my teacher and guides have told me. Karma is cause and effect. We have a Spiritual Lesson and our Physical Lesson; they base themselves on our Karma. 

Some texts say that you can have good and bad karma, impacting who you incarnate as. 

My teacher and the guides say that there is no punishment or sins – only learning a. We have to go through each lesson possible. Therefore, I do not believe that how we live now is a punishment in any shape or form.   

To reach this spiritual understanding via meditation is in on itself healing. 

Spiritual Self-Healing

For Spiritual Healing to truly work, practising meditation and adopting other spiritual healing practices will become essential. You will need to integrate spiritual healing into your daily life. One session now and again will have little impact on your life overall. 

I would highly recommend that some form of meditation become a part of your everyday life. 5-minutes is more than enough, although I firmly believe that when you make the time, you will find the time. Over time, you will notice more of the benefits. 

Breathing colour
As I mention above, The Healing Power of the Cosmos in its basic form is colour. So, whenever you feel that a particular chakra is blocked, you can focus on breathing in that colour. Let us say you need blue. All you do is close your eyes and tell yourself that you are inhaling in that colour. The effect of that should be immediate. 

Drink colour imbibed water
Every evening, place a jug of water on top of a coloured piece of paper, with a crystal inside it. The next day, sip that water throughout the day. 

You can choose the colour intuitively. 

If you are comfortable with crystals, you can use male clear crystal quartz to direct healing towards your area that needs extra attention. 

Reflecting and thinking through your experience is vitally important because that can offer you a different perspective than before. 

Listen to soothing and calming music. 

Any healing, recommendations, advice or guidance delivered via this service should never replace, medical treatments, therapy or professional medical help. Should you need urgent medical care call the hospital straight away. All of the data collection I do will be safely secured. 


  • What is the meaning of spiritual healing?
    The meaning of Spiritual Healing is to heal your Aura, Chakras and Inner Spirit. By healing those etheric energies it will positively impact your physical, spiritual, emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • How does spirituality help in healing?
    Spirituality is two-fold, meaning it is about how you respond to each step of your path of life, yet, it is also about connecting with the Healing Power of The Cosmos. You can achieve both by engaging in spiritual healing.
  • How do you start a spiritual healing journey?
    You start your Spiritual Healing journey by learning how to practice meditation. Our spirituality has to come from within ourselves and not something we read in a book.
  • What are the types of healing?
    There are many types of healing; I offer spiritual healing, including meditation, colour healing, crystal healing, and spiritual guidance. All of them are forms of healing. As you explore the spiritual space, you will notice many more.