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Altered states of consciousness

Altered states of consciousness

For a very long time, experiencing mystical, divine, altered states of consciousness was only available to the mediums, priests, gurus and shamans. That is no longer the case, nor will it ever be again. Yes, you can create your individual connection to the divine and directly receive spiritual guidance for your life.

Altered states of consciousness can benefit everyone, not only the chosen few.

The best thing about it all is that it is not particularly hard, neither does it take a long time – all you have to do is practice meditation, with an open mind, be willing to listen, and have a deep desire and need to reach out beyond the physical.

I’d reccomend using a Visual Meditation, because for your mind to be able to make sense of the experience it needs something to hold onto. By using a Visual Meditation, you mind can in many ways create a “solid” (it is not) version of the Spiritual Realm, which is very you can end up when you practice meditation. Further, only relaxing is altered states of consciousness, perhaps not as deep, yet, it still is.

Altered states of consciousness Tor njamo

Only relaxing, calming your mind can start to bring forward those messages that sits beyond your anxiety and worries about life.

When clients come to see me for a Spiritual Healing session I bring them into an Altered states of consciousness.

Dispelling myths about altered states of consciousness

Let me dispel some myths about altered states of consciousness: there is nothing dangerous about these practices. Evil only exists in the imagination of people’s minds. If you open your mind, you will not suddenly meet demonic forces. Some of you may disagree with me on this point, and that’s fine, I don’t believe that there is. In all my years of practice, that has never occurred. Our imagination can run wild sometimes, which is why working with a teacher or a guide is essential. They can help you distinguish between what is real and what is fantasy.

The types of information that you can get access to by opening yourself up to Spirit in an altered state of consciousness are varied: how to live your life, what the best next decision to make is, why certain people are in your life, and why you are the way you are. This list is not exhaustive. When you take the practice beyond the here, and now you will discover unexpected information.

Tor Njamo Altered states of consciousness

Then there is the question about who you are connecting with: by practising meditation and entering into altered states of consciousness, you connect with your spiritual self, spiritual guides and the ultimate force. All of this is possible; all you have to do is trust the process, and start devoid of expectations. If you pop over to google and search for spiritual literature, you will find a vast amount of information. I would urge you not to do that – this is going to be your journey. Our minds are powerful storytellers, and we have to let all of that go.

Otherwise, the information we think we receive may be tainted by our imagination, and we do not want that. We want answers to questions that genuinely helps us to live our lives in a better way.

Altered states of consciousness Njamo

I think we can all agree that there are no short-cuts when it comes to accessing altered states of consciousness. Sure, you can take hallucinogenics such as ayahuasca or magic mushrooms. Still, whether that is a genuine spiritual experience, or whether it sits within the imagination of our physical mind, I’m not so sure.

To summarise, yes, you can practice meditation to enter into an altered state of consciousness to receive guidance for how to live your life and get a deeper understanding of why your life is that way. I said in the beginning that this is not particularly hard, nor does it take a very long time. That is only a half-truth – I can promise that as soon as you begin the practice, your life will change, but you have to keep it up regularly.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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