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Spiritual Healing - Individuals

Spiritual Healing with me is a safe container to explore what is going on for you on an energetic level and to help you heal so that you can move forward with your life in the best possible way. 

So much of Healing is wordless; sometimes, our experience does not have words. Instead, we must surrender to the spiritual to allow it to go where it is needed the most.

spiritual healing


I’ve been lucky enough to work with Tor in a professional capacity as an educator. During that time, he generously shared his skills with the entire organisation, to create a space where we could connect with ourselves and each other. Tor’s meditation led me to tears on the first couple of occasions, because I was so closed off from myself. Tor is a patient and gifted spiritual healer. If you’re lucky enough to have the opportunity for Tor to hold space for you, you need to seize that space!

– Alison

Session Breakdown

The session typically lasts for 60-minutes and will include a Guided Healing Meditation to open you up to receive Healing and ignite your innate healing faculties. In addition, the session will give you space to think, explore and receive guidance on how to approach your life moving forward. 

What can I help you with at a Spiritual Healing Session?

In a Spiritual Healing session with me, I can help you with many different areas. 

Typical areas I work with clients on: 

  • Energetic blocks
  • Release negative energies
  • Spiritual guidance
  • Spiritual and psychic development
  • Cleanse, balance and rejuvenate their Aura and Chakras
  • Negative memories
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Empowerment
  • Self-confidence
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Setting boundaries
  • Plus much more 

How do I approach Spiritual Healing?

On a spiritual level, regardless of the Healing approach to decide to employ, I, Tor Njamo, believe that it is all Colour, Sound and Crystal Healing. 

It is all Colour Healing because you and I, on a Spiritual Level, are Colour. We are a mirror reflection of our etheric energies, the Aura and Chakras. The Aura has Seven Bodies, each a Colour, and there are seven main Chakras, each of which also has a Colour. 

The Aura is our Life Force. 

The Chakras govern and direct our Life Force to fulfil our Spiritual Lesson this time around. 

Here are the Seven Main Chakras and Bodies of the Aura. 

  • Red or base Chakrum – astral or emotional body
  • Orange or stomach Chakrum – lower body
  • Yellow or spleen Chakrum – spiritual body
  • Green or heart Chakrum – casual body
  • Blue or throat and upper chest Chakrum – higher body
  • Indigo or third eye (centre of the forehead) Chakrum – intuitive body
  • Violet or crown Chakrum (entry of spirit) – etheric (second body but not the spirit around us)

The primary outcome of a Spiritual Healing session with me is to cleanse, balance and rejuvenate your Aura and Chakras with Colour. 

Simply by living, our Aura and Chakras can become depleted of or have too much of a specific colour. That can have a negative impact on our physical existence because there is a direct line between the workings of our etheric energies and our physical body. 

For example, let us say the orange stomach chakra has become drained of orange, which can lead to stomach issues. In a Spiritual Healing session with me, I would direct healing energy towards your stomach and help you direct your internal Healing Force to that area.

What happens at a Spiritual Healing session with me?

At a Spiritual Healing session with me, whether in-person or at a distance, this is the typical agenda and structure. 

  • Introductions and understanding of why you have come to see me (five to ten minutes) 
  • An explanation of the Healing and how it works (five to ten minutes)
  • Guided Visual Healing Meditation to induce a relaxed state (ten minutes)
  • Healing (ten to fifteen minutes)
  • Guided Visual Healing Meditation to bring you out of the relaxed state (five minutes)
  • I will provide feedback and discuss the next steps (ten minutes) 

During the Healing section of the session, I will investigate your Aura, Chakras and anything else which comes forward. I will use my psychic abilities to move beyond the physical realm, and our Spiritual Guides will also come forward to assist with the Healing. 

If the session is in-person, I may or may not be using crystals to assist with the Healing.

It does not matter if the Healing is in-person or done remotely; the positive outcomes will still be the same.

How should I expect to feel after a Spiritual Healing session?

Everyone feels differently after a healing session. Some people feel incredibly relaxed, while others feel nothing, although that is incredibly rare. 

Regardless of how you feel, the Healing always works, but not always in the way you expect. Whilst you expected it to work on one specific area, that may, in fact, not be what you needed the most after all. 

You may suddenly find that a few weeks after the Healing session, you respond differently to a situation than you did before. 

That is the Healing working how it wants to and what you need the most.

What are the limitations of Spiritual Healing?

This type of Healing is neither therapy nor a medical intervention. If you are in a crisis or need professional medical help, you should seek that out immediately. 

With that said, Healing with me can complement other Healing you are moving through right now. But do not expect it to heal broken bones or other physical ailments. This type of Healing typically works very well on a spiritual, emotional and mental level. 

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