Energy Space Clearing

Book your Energy Space Clearing session to help revitalise your living space, and bring about peace, harmony and wellbeing to your home.

  • 60minutes +
  • Home visit in London – I can travel on request.

Depends on the size of your home and travel time.

Exactly like ourselves, the spaces that we live in can store negative energies and that can have a detrimental impact on our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing without even realising that is happening. Therefore, on a regular basis, we should energetically cleanse our space. To make sure that there is nothing in our environment that is working against us.

How does the Energy Space Clearing Work?

When you sign up for an Energy Space Clearing with me, I use meditation and crystals to cleanse your space. Which will in turn bring about more harmony, peace and calm within your home. That will have a positive impact on your wellbeing and ability to flourish.

I will work with mine and your guides to bring about the energies that you need at the moment to move forward with your life. We can often get blocked by the energies in our spaces without even realising, and I will help to release those blockages.

The duration and the price of the session depending on the size of your space.