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Energy Space Clearing

All around us, there is unseen etheric energy within our physical spaces, living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, home offices, office spaces, and other physical spaces. That energy flows, moves, and continuously impacts our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental wellbeing. 

Many people are unaware of this, but the furniture we choose, how we place the furniture, the colours and sound within a space influence that unseen etheric energy. 

When you sign up for an Energy Space Clearing with me, Tor Njamo, I will clear out the negative energies within your environment and guide you on rearranging physical objects to bring about balance, harmony, success, wellbeing into your life. 

I prefer offering this session in person; however, I can deliver this service at a distance. 

Energy Space Clearing
Energy Space Clearing Tor Njamo

My Approach to Energy Space Clearing

My approach to Energy Space Clearing is simplistic yet effective. I use the power of crystals, my energy and yours. I do not burn incense, nor do I use a spray bottle, a singing bowl, dried flowers, salt, white sage, smoke, or anything of that nature. You will have seen that some shamans coming out of South America will use smoke, feathers, drums and other instruments. 

All of them are very powerful. Still, it is not a part of my practice. 

I am a firm believer that through Meditation Healing and crystals, we can ground the positive energy in your home and clear out the negative energy built up within your home. 

Another element that most people are unaware of, when we leave our house on a daily basis, we pick up energies from our surroundings and daily life. For example, public transport, restaurants we eat at, homes we visit, etc. We bring all of those energies with us home. 

Further, people who visit your home bring their energy to our space, and a person leaves parts of their energy in your home. 

Therefore, regularly, we have to clear out these energies. I’d recommend a session every three months. 

Tor Njamo Energy Space Clearing
Clearing Space Energy

How does an Energy Space Clearing of my own home work?

I will work with you to create a fresh atmosphere that focus on creating a bright future filled with light and removing stress. We will work together to remove the energies that currently clutter your home.

A vital aspect is to ground any chaotic energy within your house and any other different energies within your space – to fill the room with harmony, serenity and peace. This should help you to become more calm, creative, and confident.

At a visit, I will walk through each room, inspect the walls, any sound that travels through the space, with an intention to cleanse your house. The techniques I will use is meditation, a pendulum and colour and sound diagnosis. Your own energy and presence in the house are essential because a part of the space clearing process is to cleanse the energies of your body as well.

A top tip is to allow fresh air to flow through the space. That will naturally enable the elements of the earth to clear the space.

I think, for the most part, salt lamps are ornamental.

How does an Energy Space Clearing of an office building work?

Because there are so many people moving in and about an office. We will make sure that we place the desks in such a way that energy can flow through the space, fill it with new energy, and make sure it circulates the space and does not get stuck.

The presence of co-workers from all over the world will bring about different energies, and therefore it is pivotal to have crystals on site. The crystals will continuously cleanse the energies of the space.

How sound travels through the room is vital to understand and will also influence the layout of the space. Sound, like colour, is, after all, energy.

Again, the space clearing process will begin with a visit to your space, where I will, with intention, walk around to meditate and use my psychic abilities to clear the area. Also, to understand what colours and objects need to go where.

A top tip is not to have any clutter in the space, if possible, to allow fresh air to flow through the space. That will naturally enable the elements of the earth to clear the space.

I can make the space clear of negative energy before events. To ensure that the event will be successful.

At the moment I only offer this service in London.

Tor Njamo Clearing Space Energy

What are your credentials?

Since 2013, I have worked closely with my teacher Ines Nicholson who has over 35 years of experience in this area. Together, we co-host the podcast Spiritual Link. Her teaching has been instrumental and connects me profoundly with my psychic abilities. She is the one who taught me about the marvellous link between colour, sound and crystals. Ines is also the one who taught me how to do Psychic Tarot Reading. 

Energy Space Clearing is a joint-venture between us. Therefore, she will often join when I go to visit the homes.

What is the fee for Energy Space Clearing?
The fee for an Energy Space Clearing depends on how many rooms and the size of the space. You will first have to sign up for a free 30-minutes discovery call, and then we will agree on a price. The minimum fee is £100.

How long does a session take?
The duration of a session depends on the size of your space and how many rooms. It will, at a minimum, take one hour. We believe you must be present during the session because we will work with your energies. We will provide you with tools and tips on keeping the space clear in-between visits at the session.

We recommend that we come every three months to clear out any energies within the space.

Will you help me source the crystals?
Yes, we will assist you with sourcing the crystals for your space. We have a trusted supplier that can provide your space with excellent crystals.

This will come at an additional cost.

Any healing, recommendations, advice or guidance delivered via this service should never replace therapy or professional medical help.


  • How do you clear energy in space?
    I use a combination of meditation, crystals and rearranging objects in your area. Often, furniture blocks energy from flowing as well as it could, which we then move. Sometimes, we must bring about new colours. We can do this via a painting or something similar. Other times, new plants will be necessary.
  • Why is space clearing important?
    Energy Space Clearing is essential because negative energies can get stuck within our space, like ourselves. That may have a negative impact on our wellbeing. Therefore, we must regularly clear them out exactly as we do via the practice of meditation.  I think, for the most part, salt lamps are ornamental.
  • How is Energy Space Clearing different from Feng Shui?
    Feng Shui and Energy Space Clearing are very similar, albeit different. Feng Shui is from the East, ancient times in China, and comes with a framework. My approach is more intuitive and guided by my spiritual guides and psychic abilities. That is not to say I’m not aware of the foundations of Feng Shui. Still, we have to approach every room with a tailored approach.