Exploring my past lives

Have you ever considered that past lives exist? Have you ever thought about that you may have lived before, and will most likely live again after this life?

I have. And I think it is one of the fascinating aspects of spiritual development. To move into a past life, and see where and what I have been before.

My first experience of past life regression was with my grandmother, who is a Clairvoyant Medium. She guided me into past life experiences when I was 7 or 8 years old. I don’t remember where she led me back to then, but I remember that she did it.

past lives
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Understanding past lives

As an adult, I have regressed many times. I have found that my most recent life was in French Canada about a 100-years ago where I was apart of the Canadian army. I have seen many different experiences from that life– there is one particular memory that stands out. It was winter, there was snow everywhere, and I was trying to find my way through a storm. Experiencing my mind at the time, enduring that sort of struggle, that was incredibly powerful.

Other past life regression sessions have taken me to a life in Rome, the Middle East, America, China and many more. You may think this is my imagination. I don’t think so. There can, of course, be no proof of this reality. I do feel as if I have been there before.

There are a plethora of benefits to undertaking past life regression. And the most important one is confidence; I have seen and felt that I have been through trial and tribulations before. Which means I can do it with confidence again. Also, what it shows us is that each life is a lesson.

We live to progress the learning of our spirit. That is it.

At some point in our series of lives, we will have been on either side of the aisle. On top of that, after seeing and feeling all the experiences that I have had before. This leads to a greater sense of empathy for people and understanding that everyone is on their spiritual journey.

You can lead yourself into a past life, or be guided by a professional.

In a session with me, I will guide you into a place where you will be gently taken back in time. These memories are like cassettes, and we have to locate them to play them.

You may wonder why we are not initially aware of all of our past lives. To know all of our past experiences would be counterproductive. Since our spirit is here to learn, and when we do regress we are only shown what can be helpful for this life, nothing else.

Are you ready to explore your past lives?

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