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How Spiritual Healing works 

How Spiritual Healing works

Spiritual healing is first and foremost the act of opening yourself up to the Healing Power of the Cosmos. I understand that, at first, this may sound incredibly abstract and unclear.

When I first started, that made no sense to me either. 

I most likely looked like a question mark the first time my spiritual teacher mentioned ‘the Healing Power of the Cosmos’ to me. Let me try to explain. I believe an electrical force flows through the cosmos and our earthly realm. You can call the electrical force god, the universe, the great force, the great power – it has many names depending on your cultural, spiritual and religious beliefs. In the end, they are only words that do not really explain anything. 

How Spiritual Healing works Tor Njamo

At the most basic level, the force is made out of colour and sound. I personally see it as an electrical force of pure energy – I believe this fuels our entire existence. We are a part of it, and it is a part of us. Coincidentally, from my understanding, this is also how physicists see our existence, yet, I am unsure about this. 

When we are here in the earthly realm as human beings, our connection to the electrical force is limited, as it is meant. At the same time, we can bring forth more of the force via particular practices, and the outcome of these practices are healing. 

Meditation is spiritual healing

The most effective practice to channel more of the electrical force is meditation. Because in meditation, we calm our minds and start to concentrate intentionally. 

I prefer meditation because it has some structure, and I feel it is intentional. In fact, any practice that helps calm and concentrates your mind will automatically bring forth more of that energy. 

Again, I prefer the visual meditation that I guide people through because it includes the chakras, aura, spiritual guides, and past lives. Overall, it builds a foundation within ourselves to communicate with the spiritual realm. 

Tor Njamo How Spiritual Healing works

To believe anything spiritual or psychic, you have to experience it yourself. I think that when you come to me for a spiritual healing session, you will feel how that force begins to flow through you at a greater strength before. 

I can talk about how spiritual healing works, yet, you have to experience it yourself. Most healers also won’t admit to, and I will, that you are doing most of the healing yourself. I am only there to facilitate the healing to occur. Yes, I am there to lend you some of my strength. Still, you are the one who is opening yourself up to the source. 

At your base chakra, a valve limits how much energy can flow through you; that valve is what we are gently opening up together. 

That electrical healing force will move through your being and heal all of your other chakras. That will positively impact your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. They are all connected via an unseen thread of energy. 

I will never proclaim that spiritual healing can heal broken bones or cure cancer, yet, it can complement more traditional routes very well. My aim for any session is for you to leave feeling calmer, more confident and that your attitude of mind has improved. 

You can learn more about my spiritual healing practice on my homepage, Tor Njamo.

Spiritual Healing

Our mind is incredibly powerful, and via the mind, we can manage how we respond to pain, the challenges of our life, and that is where I think Spiritual Healing can be very potent as a practice. 

When you come to see me for a Spiritual healing session, I will offer you spiritual guidance, guide you through meditation and direct healing towards the area that needs it. I might use swatches of colour and crystals, depending on your needs at that moment in time. 

Like I have said before, you are the one who is doing most of the healing yourself. 

I hope this text gives you a brief understanding of how spiritual healing works. 


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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