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Spiritual Healing: An Explanation

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing is first and foremost healing that happens at a spiritual level. Our physical existence is on a particular vibration, whilst the spiritual is on another. That means that we are working with the energetic vibration of the spiritual. 

With that said, the spiritual and physical are intrinsically linked, so any healing applied to the spiritual will also impact the physical. Spiritual Healing will not heal broken bones or cure cancer. You should approach anyone who proclaims that with caution, or perhaps not at all. 

Spiritual Healing can work very well parallel to traditional western medical approaches to complement them. Never replace them. 

As human beings, we are meant to be in the earthly realm at this moment in time. Our Spirit is moving through their spiritual lesson, and we are the vessel they use to achieve that. 

Human beings consist of three elements: the soul/mind, body and Spirit. In this context, only Spirit is the one that learns from the experience of the soul/mind and body. Spirit is also what moves on after we die; the soul and body cease to exist. 

Spiritual Healing tor njamo

When you, for example, come to see me for a Spiritual Healing session, that is also Spiritual Healing because I work closely with your etheric spiritual energies: the aura and chakras. 

That is what Spiritual Healing does: it works with your aura and chakra, which can positively affect your mind. 

We are the best self-healers. When you come to see me for a healing session, I am first and foremost there to facilitate healing to occur. I help you relax and open up your base chakra to bring through more of The Healing Power of The Cosmos. Of course, I will direct healing to where I think it is necessary. Still, it is mostly you doing all the work. 

I have only been in the field longer and practised my ability to calm my mind and concentrate. That is all. 

Spiritual Healing at Home

The best way to practice Spiritual Healing at home is via the practice of meditation. In meditation, you calm your physical mind, and you can begin to open yourself up to the Healing Power of Spirit. Although it is entirely up to you, I recommend using a Visual Meditation that includes working with the chakras and spiritual guides.

tor njamo spiritual healing

You can also drink colour imbibed water and use crystals to cleanse your aura and chakras. 

You can create the colour imbibed water by placing a piece of coloured paper under a transparent bottle overnight. The next day you drink that as a way to self-heal with colour. You can also increase the effectiveness by placing a small quartz crystal in the bottle. 

You choose the colour to imbibe the water with your intuition. 

Using a crystal, you can either hold it in meditation or get yourself male crystal quartz to sweep your aura and cleanse your chakras. The crystals are boosters to boost the amount of healing energy that moves through you. 

The Quartz crystals are best for overall healing. Many books will talk about the different healing attributes of Crystals. Much of it is true; simultaneously, the crystal always has to be chosen for the individual. 

What I am going to say next may be controversial. 

You may have heard phrases such as Psychic Healing, Energy Healing, Reiki Healing, Colour Healing, Sound Healing, Shamanic Healing, Quantum Healing and many more. I believe and think they are all the same. I am not saying that there is anything wrong with them, only that, in many ways, it is all the same.

spiritual healing njamo

Some may have different rituals, traditions, history, cultural roots, etc. At the same time, all of them work towards channelling the Healing Power of The Cosmos to work with the human being spiritually. 

The universe is colour and sound; we are colour and sound. Only the Power Source directs the human minds to filter and bring forward that cosmic energy differently in our physical reality. To create the diversity of the earth that we experience today. 

You can begin with Spiritual Healing today; you only have to prioritise it. 


  • Spiritual Healing can be very effective for the mind and never replace traditional approaches.
  • You are your own best self-healer
  • Crystals can help 
  • Many healing modalities have the same result; it only depends on cultural and ancestral roots 


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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