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Becoming Spiritual: My journey

becoming spiritual

Becoming Spiritual, and increasing our psychic awareness, I believe, will become vastly more important in times to come. Because more and more people will want to understand why we are here right now, at this moment in time.

The world around us as it is does not give us many answers. Religious and Spiritual doctrine and dogma are failing us. Going within will provide.

We are living through a time with constant change, uncertainty and a tremendous amount of fear. I think that the antidote to thriving through this time period is by becoming spiritual and enhancing our psychic awareness.

That will give us an inner knowing about ourselves, the spiritual realm and so much more.

Here I share a short memoir of my journey of becoming spiritual.

Hello! My name is Tor Njamo, and I’m here to share pieces of my journey of becoming spiritual. At the time I’m sharing this piece, I am 29 years old and live in London. I am telling you that because spiritual development has no timeline, nor does it have any age requirement.

You can start your journey towards becoming spiritual whenever you like. 

I was first introduced to the spiritual space by my grandmother, who is a clairvoyant medium. If any of those terms put you off, you may want to move your cursor up the X on the tab on the browser window or continue reading, that is up to you. What I am about to share next will either bring you closer to me or think that I have lost the plot. ??‍♂️

When I was younger, I used to visit my grandmother every summer. Like most grandmothers, she would take me for walks, watch television together and buy me ice cream down by the sea. The most significant difference I suppose was that at my grandmother’s house there was also crystals and Tarot cards.

becoming spiritual

In and amongst the other ‘normal’ grandmother and grandson activities, she also taught me how to connect with my spiritual guides. A few times, she did a trance sitting in front of me. The first time, I was around eight years old, and the woman, my grandmother, who sat in front of me transformed into a different person. She was gone, and someone else had taken over. I do not remember the content of the conversation with the spirit who came through. Since then, I have known for myself there is much more that exist within our experience as human beings than meets the eye.

Leap forward to 2013, and I was visiting my grandmother for Christmas. She could see that my wellbeing had drastically declined, that I had fallen out of the practice in many different ways, and she urged me to open that door back up. 

As obedient grandsons do, I did.

becoming spiritual

That is when I met my current teacher, Ines Nicholson, and now we co-cost the Podcast Spiritual Link. Ines is a Spiritual Development Medium, with over 30 years of experience in the field who runs a Psychic Development Circle that I am a part of. Meeting her continued my journey towards becoming spiritual.

At her circle is where I was taught Psychic Tarot Reading and Meditation Healing.

For me, becoming spiritual is multifaceted. One of the facets is that we can commune with and learn from Spirit.

Another vital aspect is that through being with Spirit, how I want to live has changed. Over the past few years, being less judgemental has become increasingly important to me since everyone is on their spiritual journey- so who are we to judge. I have found that I have become more empathetic and better at honouring my boundaries. Yes, everyone is indeed on their spiritual journey that does not mean I will accept poor behaviour directed towards me.

becoming spiritual

By being able to connect with Spirit, I understand why certain events in my life are happening the way that they are. Therefore, I have become good at practising healthy detachment, have few hard feelings- our time here is incredibly short, so why waste it worrying, being fearful or being riddled with hate.

These words are a snapshot of how becoming spiritual has impacted my life. I will be sharing more in other blog posts.

The reason for telling you my age at the beginning was to say that I still have so much to learn, even though I grew up with it. That is not to say you should not start your journey. All I want to say is that it will take time and a bit of practice.

Opening my mind to Spirit has given me an incredible amount of calm, confidence and clarity. Also, the learning and the journey in on itself are rewarding enough for me.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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