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Red Base Chakra: An Explanation

Red Base Chakra

You may now be aware of this; from below your waist and down to your feet sits the Red Base Chakra or colour band. You may never have heard about the Red Base Chakra before, or you are very familiar with its existence.

Within this post, I will give a brief overview of the Chakras, explain what the Red Base Chakra is, cover some of its responsibilities and what you can do to heal any imbalances in that area.

The Chakras


Before continuing, allow me to expand briefly beyond the Red Base Chakra. All living beings have seven main chakras; they are communication points within our Aura. We also have many minor chakras, yet I will be focusing on the Red Base Chakra. As it says in the introduction, it is located from the waist down.

Many diagrams visualise the Chakras as circles in different places on the body. From what I have been told, that is not exactly how it works. They are more like bands around particular areas of the body, and when you get a sensation of swirling energy, that is only because energy is being focused at that place, at that moment in time.

The word “Chakra” comes from Sanskrit and means “Wheel”. The Wheel of Life is always turning. The spokes are the Chakras on the Wheel, and the outer rim is our Aura or the Spirit Around us.

Movement - Red Base Chakra

Cosmic energy, an electrical force, moves into us via the Red Base Chakra, which animates our physical existence. That energy continues upward and moves through all the other remaining chakras.

Every human being’s chakras are programmed differently, and how they have been programmed dictates how we feel, think and behave. Furthermore, it creates the foundation for the way we look and the human beings we grow to become. That is, of course, also influenced by our heritage, yet, the chakras are instrumental in designing the ways in which we turn out.

As we move through our lives, there is a two-way street between our chakras and physical existence. Our environment can have an impact on specific chakras. For example, let us say your boss shouts at you or you pick up negative energy simply walking down the street. That can leave a harmful residue within specific chakras, leading to negative, anxious thoughts.

We need to meditate and clear out the chakras within our Auric field.

The Red Base Chakra

Our Chakras can become underworked, overworked, imbalanced, and blocked. That can lead to different physical responses: certain feelings, thoughts or physical faults may arise.

The Red Base Chakra links with the Emotional Body and has to do with reproduction, grounding, immune system, bones, the base of the spine, large intestines, genitals, survival, aggression, sexual drive, and much more.

The Red Base Chakra is the Power Of Life; it controls the physical well-being and the Spiritual Power.

What I have mentioned above is merely a snapshot of what is included within the Red Chakra.

Healing the Red Chakra

Before considering which chakra requires a boost, you first need to investigate them. You can achieve this via the practice of meditation. In Meditation, using your inner eye, you can try to see all the Chakras, and then you can sense whether they are too vibrant or if they need a boost.

When you have decided what the chakra needs, you can use your mind in meditation to cool it down or bring it back up. Imagine debris going out of the chakra or getting more light to it.

Healing - Red Base Chakra

If you need some external help, you can have a red piece of paper in your hand as you enter into meditation and focus on bringing that red colour into your base chakra if it needs a boost. If it needs to be cooled down, you can, for example, either use green or blue piece of paper.

You can also use clear crystal quartz and point that towards the base chakra.

In a Spiritual Healing session with me, I will also include the Chakras in the healing process.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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