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Spiritual Guides: An Explanation

spiritual guides

You may have heard the term Spiritual Guides or Spirit Guide if you have spent time in the spiritual, esoteric sphere for a while. Or it may be entirely new for you. 

Within this text, I aim to help you expand your comprehension of Spiritual Guides and how knowing who and what they are may help you in your daily life. 

Spiritual Guides are spiritual forces who become assigned to a human to guide them through their path of life. Every human being on this earth has a spiritual lesson to complete whilst here in this earthly realm. 

spiritual guides hands touching

Exactly like teachers on a university course, they are not omnipotent. Still, they will have moved through a similar lesson before and can help you complete it in the best possible way. The guides will be aware of the next few steps ahead of you, but not too far into the future. 

Spiritual Guides are, in many ways, physical like us. Only they do not have a physical body like ourselves. You could say they are at a plane in-between the earthly and spiritual realm. 

As we are learning, so are our guides. 

We vibrate at a specific frequency, and so do they. When we practice and enter into meditation, our vibrations become more aligned, and there are moments where we can communicate with them. The communication is often much more subtle than a straightforward conversation like you would have with a physical being. Although, sometimes, the contact can also be very direct. 

Your Spiritual Guides, yes, you will have several, will most likely be someone you have had a previous life with because that makes it easier to create the link in meditation. The spirits already know each other. I do not personally believe in angels or ascendant beings per se; I know that many do. We see our guides in a way that makes culturally sense to us. 

I don’t believe that one spiritual guide is better than another. We all get assigned a guide for our individual needs in this physical existence that we are in right now. In the next life, we get another.

spiritual guides vibrations

Becoming aware of your Spiritual Guides can benefit your life in many different ways. 

Because we have Spiritual Guides around us all the time, we are never alone. Even when we feel at our loneliest, someone is there, always present. 

I think the existence of Spiritual Guides offers proof of the continuation of life and reincarnation. We live many lives, not only one. 

When we come in contact with our Spiritual Guides, their strength and previous experience lend itself to us even more than what was possible before we linked. That should provide you with more power to cope with your physical reality. 

Our Spiritual Guides can give us profound direction on living our life in the best possible way. All we have to do is listen. 

How do you come in touch with your Spiritual Guides? 

I believe the only way to come in touch with your Spiritual Guides authentically is via the practice of meditation. In particular, a Visual Meditation.

You have to learn to calm your physical mind, to strengthen your psychic mind. 

A Visual Meditation will also help you build a place within yourself where you can meet your Spiritual Guides. Our guides often communicate with us via different senses. Therefore, we have to build up our senses to become “extra”. You can achieve that via the practice of meditation.


spiritual guides meditation

With each meditation, you build a bridge of communication with that of Spirit. 

When I work with people in a Spiritual Healing session, clients becoming aware of their Spiritual Guides is an essential avenue we pursue together. This is a part of the healing and spiritual psychic development process. 

I also work with my Spiritual Guides when I do Psychic Tarot Reading for my clients. As you can see, the guides are involved with anything spiritual and psychic. 

Getting in touch with your guides takes time, diligent work and perseverance. Our physical minds are always busy, unfocused, thinking about the next meal or to-do. I recommend working with a teacher or someone who has already achieved communicating with their guides. 

Do not rush this; take your time, be patient and over time, the guides will come close to making themselves known to yourself. 

When you do start this work, try to make the guides as real as possible in your mind. Fill in as much detail as possible:

  • Name
  • Occupation
  • Era
  • Clothing
  • Age
  • Gender
  • Family

The more information you have about them, the closer they can come to your mind.

I was lucky enough to have my clairvoyant grandmother guiding me through the experience the first time when I was very young. After years of meditation, I have now become familiar with several. 

I do not expect that this text will answer every question you have about your guides; it is only meant to give you a flavour of who and what they are. As I mentioned above, to truly understand them, you have to meditate, work with a teacher to create your individual connection.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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