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Spiritual Self-Healing: A Guide

Spiritual Self-Healing

Spiritual Self-Healing is when you connect with the Spiritual Realm to bring forward the Healing Power of the Cosmos into your being. Further, this type of self-healing is also to work on how you are responding to your path of life. 

Self-Healing, meaning, you can use these practices at home, anytime, without any tools other than the power of your mind. 

The Spiritual Self-Healing process is multifaceted: You must learn how to channel more of the Healing Power of the Cosmos and improve the attitude of your mind. By taking in more of the Healing Power of the Cosmos via meditation, you strengthen your mind; additionally, you must work on your ability to concentrate and attitude of your mind to bring forth more of that healing energy. 

Spiritual Self-Healing Tor Njamo

Each process works together in tandem, reinforcing each other. You will not be able to heighten your connection with the Spiritual Realm unless you have a good attitude of mind and can concentrate. 

My approach to Spiritual Self-Healing is straightforward, practical and freewheeling. In other words, I do not adhere to many “ancient” spiritual practices or traditions because I think the simpler, the better. Only because some spiritual figure said it a long time ago and people now repeat it enough times do not make it more effective. 

I want my Spiritual Self-Healing approaches to be accessible, relatable and easily embedded into your daily life. Because unless you use these methods regularly, they will not have the desired effect. 

Spiritual self-Healing is first and foremost healing that happens at a spiritual level. Our physical existence is on a particular vibration, whilst the spiritual is on another. That means that we are working with the energetic vibration of the spiritual. 

Tor Njamo Spiritual Self-Healing

With that said, the spiritual and physical are intrinsically linked, so any healing applied to the spiritual will also impact the physical. Spiritual Self-Healing will not heal broken bones or cure cancer. You should approach anyone who proclaims that with caution, or perhaps not at all. 

Instruments for Spiritual Self-Healing 

I have constructed a list of Spiritual Self-Healing practices below that you can quickly implement into your daily life. 

Visual Meditation 

The most basic and foundational practice for Spiritual Self-Healing is meditation. I would even say, if you were going to any of the techniques on this list, meditation is the essential one. Meditation is the beginning and end. Because via meditation, in particular visual meditation, you open your mind to the Healing Power of the Cosmos. 

In practicality, you open your base chakra, the red one, to allow more of the Healing Power of the Cosmos to move through you. I would not suggest that it will heal any broken bones. Still, it can be very effective at elevating difficulties within your mind. 

I guide my clients through a visual meditation that includes chakras and spiritual guides in the Spiritual Healing sessions. You can read about my other services on Tor Njamo.

A Visual Meditation also helps your mind make sense of the Spiritual Realm, which is on colour and sound in reality. Our mind needs to turn into something tangible for us to make sense of it. 

The Spiritual Realm comprises colour and sound; our human imagination and physical reality personify it. We have to take care to ensure that our imagination remains within the boundaries of reality and does not step into fantasy. You only learn that through calming and emptying your mind of anything physical.

Spiritual Self-Healing Njamo

I use the brook of life as a visual prompt in my meditation. That prompt has become so strong in my mind that when I am in a difficult situation, I visualise the brook of life with my eyes open, and when I do, I can feel that my stress levels go down. 

Balancing and clearing your aura

The aura is our etheric body; everything about us exists in the aura: the past, present and the future. The aura reflects our physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental bodies. 

Therefore, balancing and clearing your aura can have a positive, healing effect on the rest of your being. You could say that the aura is our spiritual body. 

You can balance and clear your aura with a Male Crystal Quartz, and you achieve the healing effects by concentrating and sweeping your aura with the crystal. 

Your aura will also be balanced and cleansed in meditation. 

Balancing and clearing your chakras 

The chakras are energy centres that sit within our etheric body; you could in many ways say that the chakras are the organs within the etheric body. Each chakra correlates with different parts of our physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional bodies. For example, let us say that your throat chakra is unbalanced. That can lead to depressive tendencies. 

You can balance and clear your chakras in meditation, with a crystal and by directing energy towards them with your hand. 

You can use your hand to sense which chakra needs healing outside of meditation. Afterwards, you can use a crystal to direct extra healing towards that particular chakra. 


Crystals are elemental forces of nature that can help to boost the amount of healing energy you can bring forward from the Spiritual Realm.  

Drink colour imbibed water 

To help aid the healing process, you can drink colour imbibed water. 

Every evening before you go to bed, you choose a coloured piece of paper and place that underneath a transparent bottle. Overnight, the water will absorb the colour. 

You choose the colour intuitively, and you could also place crystal quartz in the water. 

Connect with Spiritual Guides

In meditation, you can connect with your spiritual guides. By linking in them, you will feel more confident, worthy and at peace with your human existence.

In the future, when you need help, say: Be my Guide, be my Help. The guides will come forward to help you.   

Visit past lives to relieve negative energies 

Sometimes, negative energies within our minds can linger from past lives. You can heal, release and let go of those energies in the depth of your meditation. You do not need to do a particular regression meditation. The one you find on my website should be sufficient to achieve your goals.

Practising acceptance 

Our path of life is what it is. All we can do is work on how we respond to each step of our path of life. That is our free will. A mental state that we should cultivate is acceptance because we can positively create change from there. Acceptance can seem passive at first, but you have to practice it intentionally. Acceptance is not the same as apathy or thinking that there is no way out of a dire situation. That is defeat. Acceptance is not the same as giving up. Acceptance is acknowledging your life for what it is, without judgement, and then moving forward with curiosity and hope for the future. 

Increase self-awareness 

This may seem like the least ‘spiritual’ one on this list, but it is not. Understanding why you think, feel and behave in the way you do is instrumental. We have to understand the input to change the output. 

When we increase our self-awareness, we improve our attitude of mind, and when we achieve that, we can respond better to the steps of our path of life. 

Regularly, reflect on your feelings, thoughts and behaviour in certain situations to audit the information you are using to create a picture of the experience. Is it accurate? Is it true? Are you attaching meaning that is not true? Are you making assumptions that are not helpful? 

There are so many ways to practice Spiritual Self-Healing, and all it takes is your willingness to give it a go – to start your journey towards greater spiritual existence. 

A final word: none of these spiritual self-healing practices should replace professional medical help. These are only meant to complement and not be alternatives. 


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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