Starting your spiritual journey

The first question that you have to ask yourself before starting your spiritual journey is why?

For me, the spiritual journey already began at childhood, more on that later on in this post.

Questions to ask yourself when starting your spiritual journey  

Why do I want to explore this new path? 

What is the goal I want to achieve? 

What is it that I want to understand more off or change? 

What is that motivates me to begin? 

What are my reasons? 

Take a moment to list as many answers are possible to the questions above before anything else. Because when you feel deflated, and you think that nothing is changing. You can return to those answers to remind yourself of why you started in the first place. 

Trust me.

There will be moments on this journey when you will feel like that. I certainly have. There have been months where I feel that nothing has changed, and then I leap forward. You have to trust the consistency of the practice will pay off in the end. 

In many ways, I was lucky. Not that there is such a thing as luck. My introduction to spirituality began when my Clairevoyant grandmother first showed me how to meditate when I was 6 or 7 years old. Not many people are that fortunate. I always knew at a very young age that I would be following the footsteps of my grandmother, not the same but similar. First of all, I thought I would be older, but here we are. Nothing is stopping me now. 

My spiritual journey is on-going, and it will continue until the day I die and then beyond.

If you open up Google, and you search for spirituality, you will notice that there are more approaches to spirituality than there are stars in the universe. And in so many ways, they are all right. All of them are guided and created by God or the universe, call it what you like. Many of them come with elaborate structures, rituals and traditions. All of them very beautiful. 

I believe, and my brilliant teachers: my grandmother, Ines Nicholson, and my spirit guides say that there is not much needed beyond a consistent practice of meditation. Nothing fancy, just meditate. And maybe a crystal or two. 

Meditation will balance, cleanse and ground your mind, aura and chakras – all in one. 
Meditation will improve your intuition. 
Meditation will put you in contact with your spirit guides and higher self if that is your karma.
Meditation will take you back to past lives if that is your karma. 
Meditation will bring forward answers to who and what you are now.
Meditation will help you grow spiritually. 

Meditation is the beginning and end. For us to be able to open our mind up to the power of spirit, we must first calm our mind, let go off all expectations and surrender to whatever comes. There is no other way. Otherwise, our physical mind will imagine fictional stories that are nothing more than fictional. The storyteller that exists within ourselves is compelling, so to let go of expectations, social conditioning and so forth is no easy feat and takes practice. 

That is the thing about spiritual development; it does take practice and consistency. We have been conditioned for more extensive parts of life to believe, think or feel in certain types of ways. What you experience on this journey may contradict everything that you have learnt so far. 

First and foremost, you have to figure out what you think, feel or want to say about this subject. Your mind is your own. Your answers are your own. 

The choice to change is yours.

I don’t expect anyone who comes on this journey with me to become spiritual teachers; most people will not. For most of you, this practice will give your calm, increased resilience, better perspective-taking, clarity of mind, a sense of purpose, improved intuition, enhanced decision-making and improved relationships.

I think those benefits are pretty decent if you ask me.   

I cannot give you your why, I have mine, and you need to find yours. 

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