The 2 of cups: what is its spiritual message?

As we continue on the earth’s collective spiritual path, I believe the 2 of cups are asking us to cultivate a more integrated, self-aware connection with ourselves to bond with the people around us in a more meaningful way. To focus less on trivialities and bickering and get into the trenches of rumbling with vulnerability, as Brene Brown would say. 

The collective energy of the 2 of cups

I think we can all agree that transforming how we think, feel and behave needs to change, considering how challenging the two last years have been with; covid 19, BLM, Afghanistan, the storm Ida and many of the other unheard collective challenges we are going through at the moment. These challenges can seem overwhelming, too big to understand and make sense of in the scheme of things. To not succumb to judgement, cynicism and fear, we have to do the necessary work on ourselves to remain hopeful, optimistic and open-minded about the future. 

2 of cups

The individual energy of the 2 of cups

What I have described above is a worldwide take on why doing the self-work is pivotal. When we bring it down to our daily life, it is essential too. On an individual level, we interact with our partners, family, friends and co-workers. As we move through our unique spiritual path, we can easily get bogged down in pettiness and shallow squabbles.

Instead, we ought to give ourselves the space that we need to nurture a comprehensive, well-thought-out relationship with ourselves. So that when we do interact with the people around us, we can do that from a place of curiosity and openness over judgement, fear and close-mindedness. That is what I think the 2 of cups are asking us to do. 

2 of cups

👉🏼 What are your thoughts on the 2 of cups?

I would love to hear your opinions on the 2 of cups in the comment section. 

Tips on cultivating self-awareness 

The 2 of cups are asking us to cultivate self-awareness. There are many different approaches to raising our self-awareness. 

Here are some of my favourites: 

  • Practice meditation 
  • Work with the tarot 
  • Journaling / reflection 
  • Time-to-think sessions 
  • Going for walks 
  • Exercise 
  • Spend time outside of my comfort zone 
  • Engage in difficult conversations 

Let me share some more in-depth details about a few of the practices I do below. 

Practising meditation
Every day, twice a day, I gift myself the time to practice meditation. There are many different ways to practice meditation. I follow the method that my spiritual teacher, Ines Nicholson, have shared with me. I particularly enjoy that meditation because it is a visual meditation and has a spiritual facet to it. Meaning, the meditation moves beyond focusing on the breath and provides the mind with a way to step into the spiritual realm of linking in with the higher self, spiritual guides and past lives. Not to mention, the practice naturally reduces stress and creates a calmer mind in addition to all of its spiritual attributes. 

Working with the tarot 
Regularly, I pick a single card from the Tarot Deck after my meditation, and I ask my higher self and spiritual guides for guidance about the energies that are around me at the moment. I do this to see if there is anything I am missing or should be aware of to prepare myself for whatever is coming up and improve myself as a human being. 

The healing journey never ends. 

2 of cups

Journaling / Reflection
Every morning, I first write down five things I am grateful for – I think this helps me place my mind into an optimistic state of being. After that, I write down a stream of consciousness of the thoughts that are going on in my mind at the moment. I don’t do this only in the morning; whenever I feel my mind is spinning, I take out my diary to write down whatever is going on to see if I need to look at it from a different perspective. 

To conclude, I think the 2 of cups are asking us to look inward to be more wholesome, kind, caring and loving as we move through this world interacting with ourselves and other people. 

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