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Two Of Coins Tarot Card: An Explanation

Two Of Coins Tarot

We always have a choice, and the Two Of Coins Tarot Card wants to remind us of that reality.

Making authentic decisions can be challenging, considering the social conditioning we have gone through by advertisements, friends, family, schooling, cultural norms, tv-shows and the list goes on. 

The Two Of Coins Tarot Card wants you to remember: you always have a choice.
My reading of the Two Of Coins Tarot Card

That said, there are some limitations to our free will. We all have a spiritual lesson to go through in every life that we have here on earth, at the same time, this does not permit us to become doormats. As Spiritual Human Beings, we must take responsibility for the way we respond to the challenges of our path of life. In every moment that passes by, we can choose to move closer to or further away from the best version of ourselves. 

For the benefit of your future, you must remember that you can always improve your life, regardless of how dire it may seem.

Who the best version of ourselves is nobody can define but yourself. That is where the requirement to venture on a journey of self-discovery becomes incredibly important; otherwise, you might be defining your measure of success by someone else’s standards. 

Two Of Coins Tarot Card

The Two Of Coins Tarot Card asks us to pursue every opportunity we have to improve our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. We do not always have to strive for material riches; the journey inwards can be as rewarding, if not more. All of us have tremendous potential for growth that does not require more natural resources, and the beauty is that the only cost is time. 

As we all know, time is the most precious commodity we have. 

If more people decided to go on that journey, I think they would find it incredibly meaningful, rewarding and begin to establish a new form of purpose in their life. I ask you to channel the energy of the Two Of Coins Tarot Card.

I suspect a few barriers to starting the journey; overworking, societal conditioning, fear of change, a perceived lack of time, financial challenges, and I am sure there are many more. 

All of them are valid and good reasons for not starting the journey to explore the inner workings of oneself. Conversely, suppose you struggle with anxiety, insecurities, fear of failure, excessive anger, overwhelm, existential doubt – unless we embrace those parts of ourselves and start healing, we will continue repeating old, harmful patterns. When we become responsible adults we can make better decisions for ourselves.

As always, you have to choose if you want to move closer to or further away from a better sense of wellbeing. One final point before we move into how you can start the healing journey. Healing takes time; it’s non-linear, difficult to measure, so be patient with yourself and the people around you. The Two Of Coins Tarot Card asks you to courageously face these challenges anyway.

Two Of Coins Tarot Card

How to activate the energy of the Two Of Coins Tarot Card

Below are a series of approaches that you can use to start activating the energy of the Two of Coins Tarot Card.

Begin to articulate to yourself and other people how you are feeling. 
Communicating how we feel can be tricky because it requires us to be vulnerable and perhaps share aspects of ourselves that we have never shared with anyone before. In addition, we might not know how we feel because our emotional literacy is low. 

Do not worry; it is never too late to start. Begin to check in with yourself how you are feeling and take small steps to understand how you are feeling. You might even want to pick up a book about emotional literacy and always approach it with curiosity and openness. Because you might be feeling something completely different to what you thought you were feeling in the first place. 

Journaling is also a great approach to start channelling the energy of the Two of Coins Tarot Card.

Also, remember, feelings are only one part of our human existence; it is not the Be-all and end-all. You will also need to explore your thoughts and bodily sensations and remember that they are all context-based.

If you have a tarot deck yourself, try to pick the card and see how it feels to you. Because the meaning of the card will always be individual, depending on their circumstances at this moment time. Similar to in a Psychic Tarot Reading. Any card that is pulled has to pair with the other cards.

Two Of Coins Tarot Card

Practice meditation
In meditation, you may or may not, over time, come to realise that you are not your feelings, thoughts, behaviours and bodily sensations. Essentially, they are streams of energy that influence your human experience, but they are not all that you are. When you practice meditation, you will eventually be able to stand outside those streams of energy and observe them for what they are: streams of energy. 

Another piece of the meditation puzzle is that if you practice meditation, you will be given access to healing your aura, chakras, experiences from past lives and connect with your spiritual self and guides in the Spiritual realm. You could say this is energy healing. When you connect with those parts of your experience, you will come to understand that the human experience is, even more, richer than what is known to the five senses.

When you practice meditation, and if you have access to a Tarot Deck. Try to hold the Two Of Coins Tarot Card in the palms of your hand and see how you feel. You might be surprised that you pick up new things that were not there before.

Read self-help books 
I have learned so much from reading self-help books, mainly about boundaries, which has been helpful. 

Get a coach, mentor or therapist 
Whatever suits you best, I would highly recommend talking to someone. I have benefited greatly from having coaches who can challenge me and give me space to think stuff through.  

PS: Also, remember to exercise, eat healthy food and get enough sleep.

Wellbeing is multifaceted. 

To round this of, The Two of Coins Tarot Cards ask you to be brave and approach your life with courage. Because what else is there?


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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