Past life regression

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Past Life Regression – Video call 

  • 75minutes 
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  • Time for QA 
  • Clients normally sign up for 1-3

A unique session for you

On this page, I will take you through was past life regression is and how doing a session may benefit you.

Past life regression is the intentional process of stepping back into a past life before this one. You may or may not believe in a past life, but I’m guessing that by reading this text you are at least curious.

During a past life regression session, I will guide you into a hypnotic state where you can visit one or several of your past lives. A session typically lasts for 1h 15minutes, and anyone can experience this.

Still sceptical? You can read about someone else’s experience of past life.

Benefits of Past Life Regression

The benefits of past life regression are to gain a greater understanding of who you are now and what you can learn from the lives that you have lived before. Experiencing past lives can lead to calmness, peace of mind, and build your confidence amongst other benefits.

You may even experience that ailments that you are currently experiencing is released.