King of coins asks us to seize foresight and creation

Leading our life in a good way can be tricky, and the king of coins asks us to reflect on how we are currently leading our lives. As individual Spiritual Human Beings, we have complex needs, boundaries, expectations, ways of responding to situations and particular life experiences that form who we are. 

King of coins

On top of that, we have to interact and collaborate with other people who also are individual Spiritual Human beings with their own stuff. 

Not to mention societal expectations, advertisement, and many other external pressures layered on top of our minds. 

Regardless of that, the king of coins points out that we have some room for improvement, and we can do better than we are currently doing. 

King of Coins
King of Coins

In my view, the kind of coins epitomises the energy of logic, reason, planning, healthy habits, set challenging goals, taking responsibility, healthy boundaries and compleating the projects that we had sat out to do. 

I think that the guides are asking us to reflect on how we can bring more of the energy of the King of Coins into our lives. 

You can start by asking yourself: what are the steps that you can take? 

So many people think that you need to make significant transformative changes for positive change to occur. Not at all – there is a great quote that goes: If you improve by 1% every day, within a year, you’ll have improved by 365%. 

In other words, small changes over a more extended time will make a huge difference. It could be as tiny as journaling one sentence every day or reading a page of a book. 

Interestingly, I observe many people move through their lives without questioning their choices and running on autopilot, without reaching their full potential as thriving, flourishing people. 

King of Coins
King of Coins

Not to forget, everyone has a spiritual lesson to move through; at the same time, we do have some free will, which means that we can make changes to improve our situation. 

I also do not want this to come across as an oversimplification because I am well aware that many people are going through the most horrific experiences that I cannot even imagine.

At the same time, if you are reading this, the guides ask you to do some self-auditing to see whether there are any areas you can improve on in your life. You are the only person who can truly own that journey. You can, of course as for help, but you need to take responsibility for making changes to your life. 

How to activate the energy of the king of coins in your life 


In my life, I have found journaling to be one of the most helpful practices to get to the root of my experience.  

Articulate your purpose 

Everyone has a purpose in life, whether you are aware of that or not. When we become aware of our purpose, that can help us become more focused and directed in our work. As well as become more clear about what we want to say yes and no to. 

Understand your values 

Like purpose, knowing your values becomes a compass for your life and how you want to live it. You can set your boundaries up around your values. Every time a situation comes up that you are unsure about, you can ask yourself: is this in alignment with my values? 

King of Coins


Meditation is perhaps the most powerful practice that I have in my life as it helps me distance myself from my thoughts and feelings and connect myself with my spiritual self and spiritual guides who support me on my journey. 

Improve your habits 

James clear says: “Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become. No single instance will transform your beliefs, but as the votes build up, so does the evidence of your new identity.”

I strongly agree with him – and that is why considering our habits and how we can improve them are essential. 

I would recommend picking up Atomic Habits by James Clear. 

Set goals 

Goals are important goals posts. As humans, we like to measure, and goals help us focus on where we are going. 

Ask for help 

There is no shame in asking for help. If you are struggling, ask for help. 

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