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Select the correct Tarot Deck for you

Tarot Deck

To start working with the Tarot Deck, you first have to find the one that is right for you. I am here to help ignite your journey towards using the tarot better.

The Tarot has existed for centuries, and there are many different theories about how the Tarot Deck came to be. Interestingly, historically, people also used the Tarot Deck to play card games. And not as a means to connect with spirit and give someone a reading. 

In the deck, there are 78 cards, 22 in the major arcana and 56 in the minor arcana. The minor arcana is divided into wands, cups, swords and pentacles. Some very clever people have assigned each card in the deck a meaning, and by heading over to learntarot, you can investigate the meaning behind each card. 

When I, Tor Njamo, complete a reading for someone, I try my best not to use the standardized meaning behind the card. Instead, I connect with my intuition and spiritual guides and only use the images on the cards as visual aids to stimulate my intuition and weave together a reading. 

Tarot Deck

3 ways to choosing your first tarot deck 

When choosing your first deck, there are a three things you want to consider. 

1. Set your intentions as to why you want to work with the tarot deck
There can be many reasons as to why you would like to buy a tarot deck. You can have the ambition to become a professional tarot reader or because you want to use it for your personal life. Either way, setting your intentions is vital because that will guide your mind towards the deck that is right for you. 

2. Connect intuitively with the tarot deck 
Before buying your deck of cards, do a meditation that links you in with your spiritual guides, and calms your mind. On my website, I have a few meditations that achieve precisely that. During the meditation, ask your guides to help you choose the deck that will most benefit you and your journey as a tarot reader. 

3. Connect with the visuals of the tarot deck
As you browse through different decks, you will see that each deck has a unique set of visuals. These visuals can be beneficial in your readings; therefore, you must choose a deck with visuals that stimulates your mind. 

For example, I have a Nefertiti tarot deck, and my teacher has a very different deck. I personally find her deck much harder to weave together a reading from her cards – this is where your individuality as a tarot reader comes in. 

Tarot Deck

Start working with your tarot deck

After you have bought your tarot deck, you will want to start familiarizing yourself with the different cards. When I started working with my deck actively, I used to choose one card every day after my meditation and then write down intuitively what that meant for me that day. 

As I mentioned earlier, you can, of course, research the meaning behind each card; at the same time, you must establish your connection to the deck. 

I want to end this post by answering this question: can anyone work with Tarot? And the short and long answer to that is yes! 

Anyone can work with the Tarot. You can be a CEO, shop worker, Amazon Driver or anything else. Everyone can learn how to work with the Tarot and use it to glean information about approaching their life in perhaps a new and different way – which leads me on to the final section.

Essential to working with the cards is a practice of meditation. With meditation, you will learn how to calm your physical mind and strengthen your psychic mind. We have to release all of our physical stress, worries and concerns to invite the power of Spirit into our physical mind. If there are too many barriers, spirit and our intuition will find it a hard time to support us in the best possible way.

Why work with the Tarot Deck in the first place? 

You can use the Tarot to communicate with your subconscious, intuition, Spiritual Guides and spirit in general. Working with the Tarot can lead you to receive insights about a decision or something else you have been pondering for a while. As well, they can work as prompts for reflection. We often need outside help to become more aware of ourselves. By increasing our self-awareness we become better people.

One important message to share is to always tailor your reading to the individual, as I would do in a Psychic Tarot Reading. Just because a card felt like it meant one thing for one person, does not make it true for the next.

Tarot Deck

For example, I was once wondering whether it was time for me to leave a workplace. I pulled a card, and the card was a warning that it was too soon and that it would bring more challenge than the freedom I was seeking. I listened to the message the card provided me with, and in the end, that turned out to be the right decision. 

At the end of the day, we all have free will, and regardless of the message that the card gives ut, we have to decide whether we want to listen. 

Let me know in the comments below how you are getting on with your cards and if you have any questions. 


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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