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Six Of Cups Tarot Card: An Explanation

Six Of Cups Tarot

Six Of Cups Tarot Card are asking us to be more present in the moment. Our minds can easily drift back into the past and end up feeling guilty and shameful. Or we can become anxious and worried about the future. Neither serves us to be more present with ourselves, other people and the work we have set out to do. 

Six Of Cups Tarot Card is asking you to lean into the joy of life. Because the thing is, if we are riddled with shame, guilt, worry, anxiety, we cannot be present. If we are not, our imagination, creativity, ability to think clearly will be less effective.

In the long run, that is not helpful to anyone; if anything, it is harmful to our physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Because we will not flourish and thrive as human beings, which we do have the potential to do that. 

As Tor Njamo I can certainly share that I struggle with this myself, and I often have to bring my mind back to the present. And it is when I am present, my writing is at its best, and I’m more compassionate towards myself and other people. The Six Of Cups Tarot Card reminds me too of why this is important in life.

Six Of Cups Tarot Card

Life is incredibly short, as well as being very long. The Six Of Cups Tarot Card ask us to allow ourselves to feel joy, happiness and glee – and to gift ourselves the space not to feel guilty about what has happened in the past and not worry about the future. Because when we give space for those feelings in ourselves, that can be incredibly rejuvenating and give ourselves the inner strength we need to persevere when the real challenges come about. 

The flip side is that we should embrace difficult thoughts and feelings as much as positive ones because if we numb them out with another Netflix episode we are not present either. The energy of the Six Of Cups Tarot Card is not shallow.

What is very important to remember is that you take some time to find out what the card means to you. As I would do when I work with individuals in a Psychic Tarot Reading.

Six Of Cups Tarot Card

How can I activate the energy of the Six Of Cups Tarot Card? 

As the Six Of Cups Tarot Card asks us to be more present and allow ourselves to feel joy, happiness, and glee, there are many different approaches to that.

1. Check how much time you spend on your phone.
Spending less time on your phone may seem like a left-field suggestion; simultaneously, our phones steal so much time from us. I would not dare to admit how much time I spend on my phone, but it is much more than I would like it to be. I often have to leave my phone in a different room to make sure that I focus on my work.

2. Practice meditation
Practising meditation seems like a more obvious suggestion in my mind. Because what happens when we meditate is that we clear out all of the rubble from our mind, which gives our mind a clean slate to start from regularly. We store much of our harmful feelings and thoughts in cluttered piles, and meditation can help us create neatly folded stacks. Because the thing is, the tough stuff never goes away, but we do need to make sense of it. Meditation can help us to do that. 

3. Rest 
Another perhaps of-centre suggestion is to make sure that you have had enough rest. I find with myself that when I am worn down, tired and not giving myself the space to recover, my anxieties, insecurities and worry flare up like it is nobodies business. 

4. Intentional breathing
Another method I use is when I feel that my mind is jumping around, I pause. I then focus on inhaling positive energy and, with every exhale, releasing negative energy. 

6. Spiritual Self-Healing
Complementing the meditation, I try to visualise the anxieties and worries as a dark cloud with my mind. Following that, I wrap that cloud in a healing, soothing colour. The effectiveness is instant, but I may have to follow up again a few hours later because these things build up over time. 

7. Journaling
Every morning, I journal what I am grateful for and also whatever else is on my mind. Not to necessarily make total sense of it immediately but at least acknowledge that it is there. 

You should check out Michelle’s guide to journaling.

You can use the Six Of Cups Tarot card as a journaling prompt.

Six Of Cups Tarot Card

8. Embrace difficult feelings as much as positive ones
Often we try to numb feelings and thoughts out with Netflix because they are difficult. Instead of doing that, embrace them in your own way, because they are an essential facet of the human experience too – just as much as joy and happiness. That is being present.

What do you think the Six Of Cups Tarot Card is asking you to do? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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