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The Chakras: An Explanation

red chakra

Within our etheric, vibrational, spiritual body, in other words, our aura, the chakras, exist. If you are familiar with the chakras from before, you will have seen them depicted as seven circles spread across the human body. 

The word chakra comes from Sanskrit, and it means wheel. The Wheel of Life is always turning, as our chakras are, constantly moving and changing with the changing nature of our existence. 

The word chakra is human-made, and the word is not particularly important. What matters is the colour and the relationship you build with each of those spaces because that is the start of self-healing. 


What are the chakras? 

The chakras are energy centres within our etheric body. You could even think of them as different organs. In so many ways, this is not too bad an analogy as the chakras connect to various parts of our physical body.  

We have seven main chakras and numerous minor chakras. For the purposes of this text, I will focus on the main ones. 

Red: Root or base 
At the base of our body sits the red base chakra. It is not entirely correct to say that the chakras are vortexes that move in a circle because the base chakra covers all of the legs up to the reproductive organs. 

Orange: Stomach
Around our waist lives our orange stomach chakra. Again, not a circle, but a band that moves around that entire area. I will not be going into detail about which chakra correlates with which part of our body. That is not important here. In this text, I want you to increase your awareness of each of them. 

Yellow: Solar Plexus
Situated around our solar plexus, you will find the yellow band. Many think of this as a spiritual colour.    

Green: Heart
You will find the green chakra located at the heart and chest area. The colour green and that band are the balancers between the lower and upper chakras. Many give this one a lot of credence, as we often say: I can feel this in my heart or something in a similar vein. 

All of the chakras are equally important. 

orange and blue chakra

Blue: Throat and upper chest
You will find the blue chakra around the throat and upper chest area, and this space, as you can imagine, correlates with communication. 

Indigo: Forehead, third eye 
Many of you will know, you locate the indigo chakra on your forehead, and many call the band third eye. I do that myself, and it directly links to intuition, extrasensory perception, psychic abilities, creativity and so forth. 

Violet: Crown, just above the head
At the top of your yead, you will find the violet chakra. This is the place that your spiritual guides speak to you through. One potentially controversial opinion is that I do not think our cosmic force enters us from there; instead, it enters us through the base chakra. 

Here I provide you with an elementary introduction to the chakra’s colour and their location within the aura with our physical understanding.

The Chakras and Self-healing

Becoming aware of the chakras and their existence is the first step of psychic exploration, becoming a healer and performing self-healing. 

You can balance and cleanse the chakras with specific meditations. The one I guide people through in Spiritual Healing has the chakras included. Meditation is also foundational to psychic development, which you can learn more about on my home page.

You can also move your hand above the chakra to feel if it is hot or cold to know whether you should direct more into that energy space or cool it down.

You can follow the same process with a crystal.

As you progress with your practice, you will find the meaning behind the hot or cold energy. In the beginning, feeling the space is more than enough. 

Taking notice of the health of our chakras are pivotal because if they are underworked, overworked or out of balance can harm us – leading to dysfunctional behaviour. 

Our chakras link to particular parts of our body and different emotional and mental states. Everything about us moves through and stems from the chakras. We do not rule them; they rule us. Each one of them governs different parts of who we are. 

We can influence them, though, in the same way as we take different vitamins to impact our mental capabilities. Our various hormones rule us, but we can influence them with our choices. 

chakra landscapes

What is the Aura? 

In this text, I mention the aura a few times, and those of you who have stumbled upon this text may not know what it is. The Aura is our etheric, spiritual body, a mirror of our physical body, at the same time, so much more. 

Our past, present, and future all live within the aura, and when you see a psychic medium, what they often read with their extrasensory perception is your aura. They will also receive information from their spiritual guides, but they first and foremost read your aura.

You could say that the aura is the unseen energy that is around all of us. You often hear people say: I can sense the aura of a person or place, without meaning the physical, but the atmosphere.  

It is essential to be aware of the aura because the health of this force can negatively impact our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being. The colour of our aura can become dull, showing that something is a bit off or wrong. With meditation and crystals, we can cleanse and balance our aura, which should leave the person feeling lighter. 


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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