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How to start a spiritual healing journey

Spiritual Healing Journey

In its most basic sense, spiritual healing is the act of channelling more The Healing Power of The Cosmos into our physical being. If you do that regularly, you are already halfway there. 

You can achieve this either via practising meditation on your own, being guided by someone else or working with a healer to consolidate your healing powers. 

My Spiritual Healing Journey began with my grandmother, a clairvoyant medium, and it continued when I met Ines Nicholson. She is my primary spiritual teacher in addition to my spiritual guide. I could not be more grateful to both of them.

How to start a spiritual healing journey

Ines is the person who taught me that particular brand of meditation. The meditation that I use and guide other people through is a Visual Meditation because it helps you comprehend the Power of Spirit by giving it primary forms within your mind with your mind’s eye. To understand the Power of Spirit, you have to build a bridge of communication with Spirit and create a space where you can meet. 

In the meditation, I guide you through opening, cleansing and balancing your chakras, which automatically does the same to your Aura

Meditation is the beginning when it comes to spiritual healing. I always use that when I work with clients in my Spiritual Healing sessions. Next, there are, of course, many more facets to the spiritual healing journey. I say facets because you can begin from various starting points. There is no A to Z of spiritual healing per se. You have to start where it makes the most sense to you.  

Tor Njamo Spiritual Healing Journey

For example, spiritual healing is about learning about and exploring other spiritual aspects such as your inner Spirit, spiritual guides, Karma, and bringing forward the strength of your past lives. 

Below I cover a few different areas of spiritual healing. 

Spiritual Healing Areas

Inner Spirit
You could say that another word for your inner Spirit is that of your soul. If you like, the Spirit within yourself, your higher self, the voice within your mind, helps you make decisions according to your spiritual lesson. Because you have free will, you do not have to listen to your Spirit within. All it can do is make suggestions. 

Your inner Spirit within is not all-knowing, it only knows a few steps ahead of you, whilst the Spiritual Guides know a tiny bit more, although they are not all-knowing either. 

Spiritual guides 
Our spiritual guides are spiritual beings assigned to us at birth. They are, in my ways, physical, just as we are, although they do not have physical bodies as we do. You could say they are at the periphery of our physical existence. 

There is a space in-between the earthly realm and the spiritual realm. That is where the spiritual guides are. Their purpose is to help us complete our Karma or path of life. Like our inner-spirit, they are not all-knowing, but they have met a similar spiritual lesson to us before and are here to guide us. Most likely, we will have had a past life with them before because then it becomes easier for our spirits to connect.

As always, we have free will, so we can decide whether we want to listen to them or not. 

All beings on this earth have a spiritual lesson to complete; another word is our Karma. If you have explored the spiritual space before, you will most likely have come across the word and know that it means different things to different people. 

I understand our Karma as our learning queue, meaning we have to move through every lesson possible. There are no sins, only learning; that is all. So, therefore, how we live in this life does not automatically have a “good” or “bad” effect on our next life. Nor did the previous life. We have physical Karma and spiritual Karma – because our learning does not come to an end when we die – it always continues. 

Tor Njamo Spiritual Healing

Past lives
A facet of spiritual healing understands how a past life may impact us now. For example, let us say you were poor in a past life, whilst in this one you are rich, even still, you decide to live very frugally and always afraid of losing what you have. 

That could be a past life influencing the way you think now. In meditation, you can reach that understanding and perhaps then learn to enjoy your life more this time around. 

Through experience, you can learn what I have spoken of above. Only through experience can you feel that is how it all comes together. Do not take my word for it – explore for yourself and see what you think. 

In summary:

  1. Your Spiritual Healing Journey starts with you practicing meditation.
  2. Journal and observe your thoughts, feeling and behaviours
  3. Work with a spiritual teacher


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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