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Psychic Development: How to start

psychic development

Anyone can start with Psychic Development. You do not need to come from a particular bloodline or have any specific cultural background. Psychic abilities are universal within every spiritual human being on earth. 

Historically, psychics were mysterious people with odd clothing and strange beliefs, and I don’t think it is difficult to understand why people have perceived them in such a way. Connecting with Spirit, seeing into the future and spending a lot of time in contemplation is seemingly not the norm. You will have seen some cultures call them seers or truth sayers. 

I think that this has to change because connecting with our psychic abilities is not meant to be for the chosen few. We all have psychic abilities, and everyone can benefit from learning how to cultivate them. 

Not necessarily to become psychic, but to raise the quality of our life. Developing our psychic mind is not only to read someone else’s aura or partially foresee the future. Although, this can be helpful. It is primarily not about that at all; it is about healing and strengthening our minds to deal with our physical life in the way it unfolds. 

Psychic development is also about making life more vibrant and connecting with our surroundings deeper. To understand other people and ourselves in a way that we did not think was possible–to enjoy our life to the fullest. 

We are living through a volatile time, and I think any practice that can help us cope with that better is welcome. Don’t you? 

You may wonder, where did our psychic abilities go? If this is something, everyone has. My Spiritual Teacher and Guides tell me we are no longer tapping into that part of our mind because of our modern lifestyle with technology giving us every answer. 

Finding answers for ourselves requires us to create the space to go inward in quietness. Can you remember the last time you sat in silence and tried to listen to your inner self? If you can remember, you are the odd one out. 

You are reading this text because you want that to change.

How to start your Psychic Development journey

The foundation for Psychic Development is a calm mind, and the most effective way to create a quiet mind is with meditation. Further, meditation not only calms the mind; it also strengthens it. Via the practice of Visual Meditation, we build a bridge of communication between the physical mind, psychic mind and our spiritual guides who were there to help us bring forth those innate abilities.

You can find one of my meditations on the free resources page. That is the meditation that I practice twice a day, every day. 

In the Meditation Healing session that I do with clients, I work with them to open their mind to their psychic abilities and much more. 

So, the first step is meditation, and the second step is to begin exercising your mind with psychic exercises. The most popular way to do this is by using the Tarot Deck. A very popular divination tool and it is relatively accessible. I would not recommend that you decide to start offering professional psychic tarot readings immediately. To open that part of your mind takes practice and diligence. I would recommend that you get a mentor or teacher who can help you on your way.

Development Psychic Tor Njamo

You can also practice your extrasensory perception, one of the areas of your Psychic Development, by sending colour to a peer. 

One way to approach this is: You and a friend decide on three colours, both of you close your eyes and send each other one of the three colours you chose. Without saying the colour out loud of course. The other person tries to pick up which colour the other person is sending. Obviously, both of you get a turn. 

You can also join a psychic development circle, where a psychic teacher will facilitate a space where you can practice your abilities with others. Only practising with one person will only work for a time. Eventually, you will have to get exposed to other people’s mind.  

Summary of Psychic Development

  • Start with practising meditation
  • You will need a peer to go through psychic exercises with
  • Join a psychic development circle 


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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