Wellbeing Coach

As a Wellbeing Coach, I help you take an integrated 360-degree approach to improve your wellbeing and assist you with creating a plan moving forward. 


As a Wellbeing Coach, Tor was fantastic at providing opening and ending questions within each session, prompting me with targeted open-ended questions should I lose my flow. 

By the final session, I was managing to discuss, evaluate and justify my own thought processes out loud with minimal input from Tor, able to set myself targets to help me keep important ideas or wants in the forefront of my mind, and more regularly reflecting on these things independently.

– Haydn Chapman

Why Wellbeing Matters

Why your Wellbeing matters

Many people these days disregard the importance of their wellbeing, because they think to themselves, “I am managing ok, am I not?”. Yes, many people are “managing ok”, but I believe there is much more we can do to feel well if we choose to.

In addition, the negative numbers about people’s mental health are staggering and not moving positively. Instead of ignoring the issues lowering our wellbeing, we have to take responsibility for our wellbeing to improve those numbers.

When we look after our wellbeing, we become better equipped to face all the different challenges that life throws our way.

What can I help you with as a Wellbeing Coach?

As a Wellbeing Coach, I can work with you on various aspects of your life. In many ways, the sky is the limit, yet, here is a list of areas we can work on together. 

Typical areas I work with clients on:

  • Career issues
  • Problems at work 
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Mental Health
  • Empowerment
  • Lack of focus and/or direction
  • Self-Confidence
  • Limiting beliefs 
  • Setting boundaries
  • Plus much more
My Wellbeing Journey

My Wellbeing Journey

Understanding what wellbeing means has been an important strand of my life since childhood. I grew up in a very chaotic home, and I have been overweight twice in my life.  

This led me to pursue investigating what wellbeing is all about. I don’t have all the answers yet; who does? Still, I have managed to build an extensive comprehension of how one can make it for themselves. 

Research says that living in a state of wellbeing means:

  • You will have a sense of purpose
  • You feel your life has meaning
  • Your stress levels will be low
  • You are a productive contributing member of society
  • You will be physically and mentally healthy and strong

During my time in the corporate world, I led many wellbeing projects and became one of the internal Mental Health First Aiders. 

I am a qualified Wellbeing Coach, facilitator, meditation teacher and healer. 

A typical coaching programme with me

Most clients sign up for 3-6 sessions, yet you will always receive a 15-minute free discovery call before we kick off. Each session lasts 60-minutes. 

Session 01 

Get to know each other and set preliminary goals
Fill out a wellness action plan 

Session 02 

Review goals and if the action plan is effective
Explore different frameworks of wellbeing

Session 03 

Review goals and issues that have shown up

Session 04 

Review goals and issues that have shown up

Session 05

Review goals and issues that have shown up

Session 06

Review the effectiveness of the coaching

My approach as a Wellbeing Coach

My approach as a Wellbeing Coach is non-directive and has its roots in Nancy Kline’s work Time To Think. I am particularly fond of her work because, so far, I think it is the philosophy to which I can relate the most. 

My first introduction to her work was in 2013; since then, I have become increasingly familiar with the approach. 

Most orthodox coaching lives in a world of directing, giving advice, and steering people in a specific direction, and I think that has its place. Yet, for people to grow their individual strength and belief in themselves, they have to become independent thinkers. 

Becoming independent thinkers is at the root of Time To Think. Not only that but also The Ten Components help create safe containers for brilliant thinking. 

The Ten Components are: 

  • Attention
  • Equality
  • Ease 
  • Appreciation
  • Encouragement
  • Feelings 
  • Information
  • Difference 
  • Incisive Questions 
  • Place 

Together, they create a safe container for the coach and the client to be within for the duration of the coaching session. For the duration that we work together, these are the components that we will be working with. 

When you work with me, Tor Njamo, as your Wellbeing Coach you will be set up to find solutions and new habits for yourself that stick for the rest of your life.

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