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What is Spiritual Healing meaning?

What is Spiritual Healing meaning

Spiritual Healing is the intentional step we take towards healing our etheric energies: the Aura, Chakras, and Inner Spirit. 

You can take that action by learning different types of Spiritual Knowledge and learning how to meditate. Many other spiritual cultures will have different approaches to Spiritual Healing and have different viewpoints on what it addresses. 

From where I stand, Spiritual Healing is when we choose to channel more of The Healing Power of The Cosmos in meditation. Many areas fall within Spiritual Healing: Reiki, Energy, Crystal, Colour, Quantum, Shamanic Healing etc

What is Spiritual Healing meaning Tor Njamo

I’d say they are all the same, and they derive their power from precisely the same place, only the path to get there is often a bit different. My understanding is that they all draw upon the Healing Power of The Cosmos, the electrical force that runs through everything in the earthly realm. 

They also address the areas within the Aura, Chakras and Inner Spirit that require Healing and attention, without always knowing that is what they are working with. 

Simply because we live in this modern world, our Aura can become misaligned, our Chakras can become overworked, underworked, blocked, out of balance, and that can limit our connection with our Inner Spirit. 

Our Inner Spirit is what moves us forward in the direction we are meant to be, in collaboration with our Spiritual Guides and path of life. 

An unseen thread weaves our physical, spiritual, mental, and emotional bodies together. Our physical existence is a manifestation of the workings of our etheric energies. You could say that it is actually a reflection of them. When our etheric energies are not functioning correctly, that can have a negative effect on the rest of our being.  

What is Spiritual Healing meaning Njamo

How to engage in Spiritual Healing

Therefore, engaging in activities that heal our etheric energies is vital. In a Spiritual healing session with me, I will always guide the person through a meditation that opens them up to The Healing Power of The Cosmos; afterwards, I will direct healing energy to the areas that need extra attention. Finally, I might use crystals. 

There will always also be room for spiritual guidance in my sessions. In addition, if spirit brings forward a message, I will share it with the person I am working with.

I do not proclaim that Spiritual Healing will heal broken bones or cure chronic illnesses, yet I think they can work alongside more traditional routes to Healing. Because meditation is such a vital part of the offering, which can help calm the mind and improve mental health. 

If you need urgent care, please contact the emergency services straight away.

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Tor Njamo What is Spiritual Healing meaning

Spiritual Healing at Home

You do not need to see a Spiritual Healer to start your Spiritual Healing Journey. You can easily begin at home with meditation. I would recommend that you practice a meditation that includes cleansing the chakras and connecting you with your Spiritual Guides. 

In addition, you can begin to become mindful of the colours you wear and that you have in your space because that can also improve your spiritual wellbeing. You can choose the colour intuitively after your meditation. The guidance from within will help you to choose. 

Lastly, you may want to start having crystals in your space. Crystals are elemental forces of nature that will help you to cleanse your etheric energies and the energies within your space at home. 

If you are diligent with your practice, all of the Spiritual Knowledge you need should, over time, emerge from your meditation practice, however, if you want to deepen your practice. Working with a teacher might be a good idea because they can help you differentiate between what is reality and what is your imagination. 

In the spiritual space, we have to give room for our imagination; at the same time, we should not enter into fantasy because there is a difference. You can learn about the difference with meditation and improving your psychic abilities.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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