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Devil Tarot Card: An Explanation 

Devil Tarot Card

Devil Tarot Card can at first be frightening when it shows up in a reading, and that is understandable. Most of us have a tense relationship with the Devil following religious and cultural indoctrination.

I think when the Devil Tarot Card shows up, we have to be mindful of our cultural and social conditioning because that will impact how we interpret this card. 

The Devil shows up on my deck as a mythical half dinosaur half crocodile figure, standing on a platform with two people underneath him. He looks scary, big, and overbearing—the people over and under on their knees prostrating themselves, submitting to his rule. 

Devil Tarot Card Tor Njamo

In the Tarot, the Devil Tarot Card can mean that you are in a situation or around a person who is not healthy. The person might be trying to take advantage of you or manipulate you. 

It can also mean that your internal landscape is not the best place at the moment. Anxiety, worry, stress, depression, and other low mental states can often take over to distort our worldview. You may be experiencing a dark cloud that never seems to leave you.  

In one Psychic Tarot Reading that I did for a person, the Devil Tarot Card meant that he was having some difficulties with his girlfriend at the time. They were not communicating very well with each other. Like a wedge had come between them. 

In another reading, the Devil Tarot Card highlighted internal anxiety and worried a lot. 

Often, the card shows up for us to diagnose the more challenging parts of our life, what is not going so well, and it asks us to think about what we can do to improve. For example, the guy above who was struggling to communicate with his girlfriend would now go away to talk to her. 

Tor Njamo Devil Tarot Card

The person who was struggling with anxiety and worry was going to start to address that. 

Never become frightened if the Devil Tarot Card shows up. I can understand why because it seems such doom and gloom. Still, the card asks us to investigate, be honest about what is not going so well, and what we can do to improve. 

How to work through the energy of the Devil Tarot Card

The Devil Tarot Card can feel a bit heavy at first, simply because it is the devil after all. Again, the card is only asking is to take an honest look at what is not going so well and create actions for what we can do to change our situation. 

Give yourself some space to meditate and calm your mind if you can. When our mind is calm, we can clearly see the world around us without any distortions. Go within to cleanse any heavy negative energies and reach out to your Spiritual Guides for help. When you ask for help, they will come. 

Journaling is one of the most powerful practices to raise our self-awareness and see beyond our current situation. Begin with jotting down anything that comes to mind to begin getting it out of your mind to improve your perspective. 

Enhance your self-talk
The longest relationship you will have is with yourself. Make sure that the way you speak to yourself is empowering and helpful

Devil Tarot Card Njamo

Create a plan
Start by asking yourself: what is going well? What could go even better if? Make a long list as possible. Remember to focus on both positives and negatives. Because even when it seems that everything is going wrong, stuff will also be going well most of the time. 

Suppose you find making a plan and change difficult. Break it down into as small chunks as possible. Create a timeline with milestones and get working. 

Figure out what you can handle, and for the rest, ask for help. 

Also, give yourself room to experiment and fail. There is no such thing as failure, only learning. Further, let go of all kinds of expectations. Fall in love with the process, and do not become married to the outcome. 

When we become too hung up on results, we quickly become too narrow-minded and end up disappointed. 

Ask for help 
When the world around us seems dire, and we cannot find our way forward, there is no shame in asking for help. We sometimes need a different perspective to find our way through the mist. 


  • Do not become frightened when the card show up in a reading. Look at it as an opportunity to grow.
  • The cards asks you to investigate what is going well and what you can do to improve.
  • Remember the card always have a different meaning depending on the context.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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