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Leading with intuition

leading with intuition

People talk about leading with intuition in many different ways.

I talk about intuition as a psychic force, an etheric, spiritual, sixth sense, which speaks to our soul about who we want to be in this life. 

I realise that this is not commonplace and how most people speak about intuition. However, since 2013, I have gathered enough evidence of intuitions existence to be sure it exists from sitting in a Psychic Development Circle. 

You may wonder how this plays out practically and how it relates to leadership. I’ll cover the practicality first, and then I’ll move on to leadership. 

Leading with Intuition

Our intuition, in so many ways, is a multi-functional tool. For example, we can use our intuition to pick up another person’s aura to sense what is going on for them, or we can get an indication of the right decision to make without having all of the information. 

In a psychic development circle, you would participate in different psychic exercises to read someone’s aura and get instant feedback on whether you picked up the correct information. Over time, that would build your confidence in your intuitive psychic abilities. 

Another example is that we can pick up the energy of a room to get a hint of what is going on. Further, you can use intuition in healing. In a circle, you would work one to one with another person to sense their aura and chakras using your intuition. Afterwards, you would guide healing towards the areas that require attention, and you would use your intuition to pick that up. 

As I said, intuition has many different uses, so many more than I have covered here, and I believe it is an etheric sense that exists in addition to our five known senses. 

Leading with intuition: the practice 

To lead with intuition, we first need to raise our self-awareness by understanding strengths, weaknesses, limitations, purpose, values, boundaries, in other words, our social conditioning. Otherwise, it is easy to conflict our intuition with our conditioned self. 

Parallel to self-discovery, you must practice meditation to calm your mind and strengthen your psychic mind. That is one of the first principles of working with me in a Spiritual Healing session. Otherwise, again, your physical mind can influence the efficacy of your intuition. In other words, we must decondition ourselves from our social condition, and we can achieve that via the portal of meditation. 

As mentioned above, psychic exercises such as aura readings will stretch your abilities to a new level. 

Leading with Intuition

Self-discovery, meditation and psychic exercises work together in tandem. You have to do them all to work with the power of your intuition fully. 

In leading your life, intuition is helpful because you will know what is good for yourself and your people. You will also know who is honest with you and who is not and if you are honest with yourself. 

Having a strong intuition can be a curse and a gift. Because you can often sense when something is off, but at first not be able to identify precisely what it is. You also have to work hard at keeping your ego in check. Our ego can get in the way of our intuition doing the work. 

Leading with Intuition

In my opinion, leading with intuition is synonymous with leading with authenticity. Because leading with intuition also means trusting what is true to you and allowing other people the same freedom.

Leading with Intuition is never supposed to bring forward any harm, only the goodness in yourself and the people around you. 

Your spiritual guides will influence your intuition, as will the greater force. At the same time, you have some free will; therefore, choosing is vital. We always have to take responsibility for our choices.  

Leading with intuition does not give us a free pass to be horrible towards other people; we have to have a sense of humility and be honest about when we have been wrong. 

In my view, when we lead with intuition, we create a world that is more kind, compassionate, caring, wholehearted, courageous, collaborative, brave and considerate. 

I am currently developing what I call an intuition mindset, where I talk about leading with intuition.


Written by Tor Njamo, A Speaker for Spirit and Healer. 

He holds space for healing, bringing forward messages from Spirit and helping others reawaken their Inner Senses. 

He is passionate about helping people create calm in a chaotic world. 

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